Monday, February 19, 2007

The week-end that was...

The weekend is over...and i must say it was one of the nicest weekends i have had in a while...of course i was running fever for most part of it and gourav was nursing a twisted wrist, but we still had a very nice weekend. gourav was gone during the week and therefore the time we had together seemed rather special! It started with me trying my hand at some traditional Indian food, since it was shivratri on friday. I had set my heart on trying some traditional food and i surpassed my own expectations! i was highly impressed with the outcome and so was gourav! then sat was the "finish" chores day and we had a cousins movie night and i saw an amazing Indian movie, now indian movies in general run for 3 hours or more but this movie was 2 hours, so it had that to it's credit and so i was thinking even if it's bad, it's a short torture....the movie started with all these vibrant colors and wonderful acting by boman irani and can you believe even raima sen!!! she's not unbearable. but i think the cream on the cake was amitabh bachchan. I cannot stand a screaming amitabh, but this was a surprisingly calm amitabh and very controlled performance by him.

The last day of the weekend saw me trying my hand at some's a Rajasthani dish and it's very very rich, with lots of ghee in it! And i did make them well, only to feel guilty about the loads of ghee both of us had consumed that day!

Sometimes people say some things which make u see what kind of people they are and sometimes the things that one should've said and didnt say also tells you what kind of a person he/she is. One such moment this weekend, gave me an opportunity to learn something important about people this weekend.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day....

I like the redness, the chocolate, the love, the cutsey stuff all makes it festive and i am a stickler for anything with fanfare...
Here's what i don't like though about valentine's day...the fact that it becomes another's not that, it's not meant to be. It's a day to express one's love and happiness so do something together...why does it have to be associated with a gift?

if people need a reason to be with their loved ones...that's their problem but to add gifts to way....

it was fun to see all the festivity around and i must add my office sure knows how to make it special...but let's not go silly and start buying gifts worth a hundred dollars...that's just borders on guilt!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Lost Memories.

Yes i have lost all of them, right from my first days in USA, birthdays, trips, random snaps, to my parents trip to USA,...i have nothing ...i am very very lost and seem to have misplaced so many precious moments of my life. How did this happen? well i think i was trying to backup my old Desktop and probably put all photos in a "safe" place in it so i could just transfer them onto my laptop. What does survive is everything after February of last year...phew....

So what has happened is that i cannot find the folders. No matter what i look for .jpeg, .bmp or look for folders by the name of photos or pic(s) or backup or memories i cannot place those folders. I have looked even in the recycle bin. But i have come up with zilch.

It's so bizarre, i am one of those people who has infinite faith in the computers and therefore didn't decide to backup precious things before until that fateful moment when i decided to switch from the PC to the laptop. Now i am distraught. All i have are those photos which i had put on yahoo photos and as we know yahoo compresses photos to bee-size so though i can view them, i cannot download them or do anything useful with them.

I did have some photos on my flash drive but i cannot find the drive itself, so till i get that i am sitting here memory-less. Well not really but i am pretty sad and uncomfortable about the whole situation. I love to go back and look at photos of things we would have done's the only way to relive those moments. So all you shutter bugs out there, please make sure that you back up your photos and that you use a proper web service to safe keep them. I have learnt my lesson.