Monday, February 08, 2010

8 weeks old

Today is my first day back to work after the twins were born. It's so hard to imagine that so much has happened since the last time I sat on this chair!!!
The last time I was in the office was on the 9th of December, I was in for my 1/2 a day a week in the office. After that I am coming today to work and that too for a full day!

14th Dec now seems like it was so long ago.
I dont want to write about my birthing experience, but I do want to write about the moments around it. So on 13th (Sunday) I had been feeling uneasy all day, a headache had been plaging me. We had gone to Walmart the day before and I had a little pain also, but the usual Braxton Hicks, nothing out of the ordinary. I had checked my BP and it was fairly high. I just decided to rest and take it easy. By evening I had major anxiety and Mom suggested I take my BP again. It was high again (157/90). At this point we decided we would call the Dr and see. She suggested I go to the hospital as a precaution. We had originally been planning to go for a drive to calm my nerves, so we were all dressed (Mom, G n I). But now we needed to be better prepared. So we got the already prepped Hospital Bag, put Dodo in the crate, gave him food and water, not sure when we would be back and G packed his laptop.
In the triage, they monitored my BP, heartrate and that of the babies, my BP was not coming down, infact it shot up more and so it was decided that the Dr would operate in the morning. I was super glad about this, because I didn't want my babies born on the 13th (I am superstitious that way ;) )

We were all very excited that night, G n Mom barely got any sleep, I was thankfully given meds to calm down and so I slept. At 4 G left to get Mom, I was supposed to go into surgery at 7. The prep started at 6:30. I could see Mom was very tense, I am not sure how I was, I think I was very curious about the whole process more than anything else. From the birthing class we had attended we knew that I wouldn't feel a thing during the CS. I nonetheless asked my sister and she confirmed, it wouldn't be anything. I remember crying in the OT when G came in, he had been taken to a different room to change. Mom was waiting outside. When I saw G, I couldn't stop crying. I realised I was scared for the babies. G kept saying soothing things to me. O how I love him. He had even remembered to bring the cell phone chargers to the hospital. At 7:15 they gave me the spinal numbing meds and @ 7:20 out came Manya and at 7:21 Neev. There is nothing I can say which can properly say how we both felt at that moment. It was a while before I was given my babies to see and touch. And much later almost 2 hours later I held them for the first time and fed them.

And here we are today, 8 weeks old today.
It's been such a roller coaster with our little babies. I cannot imagine how lucky we have been. I appreciate motherhood and parenthood more and more each day. It's not easy bringing up kids. I am just very thankful to God to have given us this opportunity.

My Mom has been the pillar of strength that I always knew her to be. Despite her own physical limitations, she has given us all the comfort a new Mom needs. Again this is something close and special to me and I cannot write about it.

More on Neev and Manya later.

It's my first day back and I miss my babies so much. Ok, gotta go call them.