Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sarah vs. Hillary

I am not going to beat around the bush (no pun intended). I prefer H to S any day. Not to say that I am a big Hillary fan, but ...

I am not ashamed to say this that if she reflects what today's woman represent, then we've really reached nowhere (every single pun intended).

She talks about being a soccer mom, and being the governor and all that, yet somehow she never talks about the beauty contest she won. Is she not proud of that? because that is not something which will get her the backing of the evangelical conservatives? I heard on the radio the other day about this soccer mom who feels very small and insignificant infront of Ms Palin. I was stunned, how can someone just belittle their achievements!!! And how is that Ms Palin is great because she is a soccer mom??? So is Hillary not a good mom, because she never played that card? Palin once said, 'anyone can be a VP', really, is that how you want to put it?

She talks about abortion, like it is her right and duty to decide for the rest of the country what is right for them. She talks about knowing about energy because she knows about the energy situation on Alaska, but it is worthy to note that she didn't let a wind energy farm be built in Alaska. Is that even something we need to talk about, clean coal??? How about alternative sources of energy, but then how would she know about that if the wind never blows, the sun never comes out and there aren't any rivers in your state! She's against stem cell research, but is all for capital punishment and guns! isn't that weird, an embryo is more important than a human being? She doesn't think the Big Bang happened!!!! and is all about teaching that in schools!

On the contrary, Hillary has experience with everything, she has a grown up daughter, who didn't get pregnant when she was 16. (Since this is the only thing apparently which matters to the masses). I am sure she'll be all for sex education in school, and not just abstinence education. So she doesn't have a down syndrome baby, but i know she cares about the poor and the neglected and the sick and the healthy equally, becuase she has brought health insurance to babies and kids. She knows about foreign policies. She knows that the Iraq war is not a matter of pride or success anymore.

I am so tired of people telling me how great Palin is and that we as woman should support her. Come on, there have been much better role models in my life. My mom, my sister, Mother Terresa. All of them very educated individuals, all of them very smart and caring and loving. They weren't VP of any country, yet they believed in the better things in life, don't belittle them by saying that Palin will bring more woman's liberation! she's definitely not going to rock my world in any way.

I am only comparing them because I am hoping someone reads this blog, someone who is a die hard Palin supporter. I want to have a discussion with you. I really do.