Saturday, December 14, 2013

Happy 4th Birthday Babies

Dear Manya and Neev.

I wanted to write a letter to  you so that when  you are older and wiser and can read more, you can read this and know how much I love you both. How much I think about you and cannot live without you.
I just dropped you off at school and I love that 99% of the times you guys love to go to school, it makes me feel good that you are happy even when you are away from home and 100% happy when we pick you up from school, happy to be back with Mummy Papa. You are generally happy kids, you like each other's company more than anything in this world. You love to play together, eat together, sing together and fight with each other the most.
Manya you are right now totally amazing me with your reading skills. You can read very well, you are really impressive. You are very curious about words and want to try and spell alot. We were out shopping the other day and you wanted a barbie doll and I didn't want to get it because well we have 4 already, and I told you this much and you said 'Yes, I don't think we want more'. Same day, you wanted another toy which was a kiddie toy and you agreed with me, I was happy that you could understand reasoning. You are not afraid of roller coasters or trying new things, you may get stuck later, but it doesn't deter you and this I love about you, because I am not like that. Now in life atleast.

Neevie, where do I start with you. Sometimes I want to have another one of you, because I can't get enough of your naughtiness and sometimes I want you to be with Daddy so I can get some time away from your naughtiness. You are super sensitive to smells. You wake up and know what you are getting for lunch and you come and tell me what you think about that particular lunch. Cannot say I like this all the time. Your puzzle skills are very impressive and I love it when both you and Manya do puzzles together, helping each other. I often hear: 'Let me show it to you'. You are becoming a fast runner and also love any ball game.

You are both into construction trucks right now and we have to slow down on roads where there are trucks so you can pin point trucks and get excited. Your enthusiasm for trucks is infectious. When I drive alone, I spot them and think how you guys would exclaim on seeing them.

You are now finding friends of your own. I notice you don't necessarily play with the same kids in school. I like this. Both of you like kids who are more playful like yourselves.

You are both slowly coming out of your shells, but Neevie you are very shy these days. I am sure in time, this will change.

You guys had a blast at your party today, we surprised you with "Jake and the Neverland Pirates" theme. That is the show you are currently obsessed with. Obsessed is not being used lightly ;)

I love you both so much. Your Papa and I are always talking about you two once you are in bed. Wish you both so much love and happiness for ever and ever. Be good always.

Lots of love