Friday, October 19, 2012

My legacy

I often think about what I will leave my kids. Then pause and think about what my parents have given me and of all those things what I couldn't have done without. The basics - food, shelter, clothing not withstanding.
From my father I learnt to always be punctual - be it work, a class. I am always on time and I get very rattled if I am late. When it comes to parties and meeting people - I have un-learnt my Dad's good habbit, since we have bore the brunt of that more times than I can count.

I have also learnt from him, the art of filling forms and writing legibly. He was always very insistent about this and now, even if I am at the Doctor's office, I make sure that I fill out everything properly. As he would've said, if they cannot read what you have read, they will not think you worthy.

My Dad also showed us attention to detail. He is someone who does things meticulously. You should see the suitcases he packs! So well organized and proper. Everything is where it should be. This is also true for important files, always organizes them well. When I go for my visa interview, he always gives more documents than are needed to carry. Once, I have had to use one of his documents and I was very happy that he had given it to me, though I had vehemently refused then.

From my Mother I have learnt to be compassionate, to understand others sufferings. I say learnt - but I am not very good with this 'understanding' business. Hopefully as I mature, it will come?

From her, I have also learnt to be strong. My Mother is one of the strongest woman, one will ever meet. Strongest and most tenacious. I have never heard her complain about her job, home and all the events, organizations and other things she has always been involved in. There was never a day when we didn't have hot, fresh, home cooked food. She worked 14 hours shifts as a Doctor, but still had time for us. Of course all this wouldn't have been possible, without my Dad and Grand Dad being so supportive and adjusting. 
She may have served her plate for dinner, but if a patient came knocking on our door, she would first tend to the patient and then have dinner. The best part - she always did everything with a smile. She never looked tired or worn out.

If I can even show my kids half of the things their grand parents taught me, then I would consider my job well done. I hope I can leave them with good manners, virtues, compassion, strength and most of all love for all and sincerity of purpose. I hope I can show N how to be a good and caring husband, this he will undoubtedly learn from G, because G is one of the most supportive husbands out there. I listen to the woes of my friends and see their relationships and I am thankful. I hope I can show M to stand up for herself, like me and my Mom and Sister.
So will I be able to leave this legacy for my kids? I might not leave them riches or money, but can show them the above through my actions and deeds. Here's hoping that I can.

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Thing 1, Thing 2

It is not cool being on Facebook, but cooler still to not be! That's what I read on...guess, not facebook, twitter. Cracked me up!

So here's what's new in the fun household. Fun is a euphemism for crazy.
And before you go about judging my parental skills or the lack off, I am not thinking too highly of myself either, so keep your opinions to yourself!

M is almost potty trained - ALMOST. N on the other hand is fascinated by underpants, but is still learning the ropes. This is one of the most challenging change we have had to do. I feel so bad for them, empathize with them alot even, imagine to have to change completely where you've peed for the last 2.5 years, the only way you know, to have that taken away from you? It's such a huge change for them. So I absolutely understand their reluctance, and I am so proud of how well they're doing. Good job my little fire crackers.

They are learning to express their manners in words, so much that if I hand them their milk, they say 'thank you'. It's such a cute thing and I feel offended that my kid is saying thank you for something so basic, but it feels nice. And when they prompt each other to say 'thank you', 'please', 'sorry', 'you're welcome' - it's more sweet.

Since N is having trouble understanding what we ask him to do - another euphimism - I am often seen shaking my head and saying ' why doesn't he listen'. M is seen doing the same while playing with him and if he doesn't follow the rules of the game, M says 'N no listen, Papa no listen'. I wonder where she picked up 'Papa no listen' . Hmm!

N while playing the 'jump-on-your-blanket' game got really really mad at M because she got bored of the game. So I volunteered and after 20 seconds of jumping, N lost his patience with me and howled again for M, who sat on the sofa reading her book, completely oblivious to the commotion around her.

N behaves like a typical brother with M, when M has her toys laid out in a certain form, N will purposely go and scatter the toys, so M will get mad at him. I think this is just his way of getting her attention.

N gives the best hugs and kisses - I just have to make a puppy face and he'll come hopping to give me a kiss.

Barney is still a favorite, though we are gradually opening up to the idea of Elmo and Caillou.

The kids and I were going through the Pottery barn catalogue and there was a picture of Max from 'Where the wild things are'. They both immediately recognized him. Made me glad.

Now I get some answers to the question of 'what did you do in school today'. The answers are mostly limited to 'sat on the carpet', 'Dhamen, dhamik carpet' , 'miss 'lm tananan'. Sometimes if there is a birthday celebration in school, they will tell me they ate cake. A big progress from when my question was followed by silence!

The kids have new trikes, it's such fun for them, but not so much for me, because they'll ride it downhill on the street next to ours, and then on the way back I am told 'No want it'. So I have to lug both the bikes back while they hop, skip, jump home.

N loves picking his clothes out everyday. I cannot say I liked this new found love for choosing his outfit everyday, but it's gotten better, we've made our peace with it and we can get him to wear the school designated colors on MOST days. It's so unfair that the child cannot pick his clothes out. If he wants to lounge about in jammies, he should be allowed to. So after school and weekends we let him wear what he wants, if its blue shirt and red pants, so be it! He has imagination and he should be allowed to use it. Why does the school have a uniform - that's a rhetorical question, BTW!


I know I have been lousy at posting, sorry to anybody who still reads this blog. I have no excuse, I will try and be better. Thanks for reading!