Thursday, November 18, 2010

Guess who..

has 3 teeth and loves Aloo patha???

has 2 teeth and likes jeera aloo???

Answer Index:
1. N
2. M

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

India again

This is how I was feeling the last time i was going to India. Today, 17 days before departure, it's a different story. I am going for my brother's wedding mostly and will see most of the family. But this time, I am not at all excited. Lots of reasons. G and N are not accompanying us, the 2 Ms.

Although I am worried about G and N, I am mostly worried about us. How will M and I manage without the boys. We haven't spent a single day away from N since the day he was born, how will we bear it? And likewise for G, although he has traveled, how will he manage not being with the M? I know G n I will miss each other too.

My heart is full again, I cannot write. But this is going to be a very adventurous trip for the 4 of us! Once I am back, I will write my experiences of traveling with an infant and the fun it entails ;)