Monday, July 16, 2007

27 days to go!

i am on a constant shot of adrenaline, i am sleeping, walking, talking my impending trip to "India". That 5 letter word brings this huge smile on my face and i begin to dream of who all i will meet, where i will shop, what i will eat and how the trip is going to be so short :(

I am going HOME after 4 years, the house i have a few thousand dreams, laughs, breakdowns and memories in. I am going to go to Delhi, my home, Mumbai, Gourav's home and Jabalpur, my Mom's home town, which is also where i did my Bachelor's from. I can't wait to see my grand father, whom i am very excited to see. After 4 years, in which i have not had a chance to speak with as much as i would like, because of my own incompetence to make those calls and his to hear me. There have been so many new additions to the family, weddings and kids, i can't wait to see them.

And i have this whole new family that i will meet for the first time, which are my own and since my wedding, which is also getting 1 year old :), i have been getting real close to. Having a sister in law and a brother is law is fun! they side with you, very much like your own siblings who fall for your partners charms!

This is going to be one hell of a trip and i cant wait to land. 27 days and counting :)

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  1. As much happy as i am for you...I am J too...GRRRRRRRRR

    Have a great trip and be careful and don't fall sick.