Friday, July 20, 2007

Bitter Sweet

(This is an old post, which never got posted...)

I am sitting at work and i have no motivation to work. None whatsoever, i have a never ending list of things that i need to finish, soon enough, but i cannot find the motivation to work. There are reasons for this and i am not sure if i should write them here. how appropriate it would be if some present/future employer googled for me and found this blog post about me cribbing about my work and such!

Now this coming vacation is making me very nostalgic about my childhood and how things were then and have been since. of course i have grown up, moved from one city to another, gotten educated, married but the heart still craves for those "good old days".

Some of my fondest memories are going with my Dad to get ice cream and he wanting mango and me wanting chocolate and i would be amazed how anyone in their right minds would want to eat a "mango ice cream"!!! Enough already with that fruit! But now i like that so much myself, i actually like fruit flavor ice creams now! it's a far cry from those days. Another very distinct memory is sitting down to tackle math problems with my Dad/Grand Dad and it used to be a huge nightmare, but it was always exciting, always one to "show off", I would try and do math problems from lessons ahead so that when they sat me down for a math lesson, I would amaze them with my shear brilliance :)... Dad would never really praise me...but i would just be happy to let him know that i knew the stuff!...

So now 2 weeks to get back to the place where all the above and more happened...can't wait to touch my pillow!!!...India here we come....

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  1. i was just going to chide ur slow update...but then an old blog will do for now...better get with writing more up to date stuff and keep me from getting bored during my lunch breaks when i read blogs :)