Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Yin Yang

So for the sake of balance, I should write about the things that please me (taking a leaf from Anu's blog.) And since Jeremy wants to know too :)

1. Water Falls.
2. Receiving people on the airport/train station/bus stop/car.
3. Flowers in general, chrysanthemums in particular.
4. People who can make out from my tone that I am not in the best of spirits and refrain from acting smart.
5. Courteous people.
6. Watching movies/TV/sport with the family and friends.
7. Ganesh
8. Watching it rain with chai, a good book or romantic movie and a pizza, pakoras (fried vegetables, an Indian snack) later.
9. Cheese and Potato .. i mean really what else is there?
10.Finding some cash stashed away, that I had completely forgotten about!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Oh bother, I've been tagged!

Anu (grrrr) has tagged me and I am obligated to do the bidding :D

So it's pretty simple, I have write about 10 things that annoy me the most. (I am sure I can well exceed that number ;) ) So in no particular order:

1. People not picking after themselves.
2. Drama Queens.
3. Raisins.
4. Sarah Palin .
5. Rebooting the computer.
6. People who give their opinion about something they know nothing about. ( Like if you've never been married, stop giving marital advice! )
7. Dirty/Smelly restrooms.
8. When the gas mark is near empty in the car, worse if the light is on.
9. Shopping! (Yeah believe it or not, I hate shopping)!!!
10. Someone who insults my country in front of me. I am an Indian. And if someone has seen/read/heard something they find distasteful, I don't want to know. I am a very proud Indian and there is no way you can say something derogatory and not make my blood boil.

Ok, I am done!!!! That was actually fun.
I would really really like to hear from these people:
1. Jeremy
2. Akansha
3. Anyone who comes across this post :)