Thursday, December 13, 2007

I really don't learn from my mistakes

As far as my memory goes back, the one thing i remember from the past 1 week is that i don't learn...tsk tsk ..
One very cold afternoon, and we've been having tonnes of those, i was sitting in office, churning code @ 15 lines per minute, sipping warm water (warm water makes me feel warm)...and i had kept my glass of water in between my two arms and the key board...and i was sure i was being careful...when the phone rang and i without thinking made a dive for the phone and there...u know it, i toppled the water glass. It's not the warm water that was the problem, it was where it feel!!! got the right place, making me more embarrassed than anything! So i go outside and park my butt in the sun so it would soak up the water.

One would think, i would be more careful next time around. Well...let's just say ...twice burnt, third time shy ;)

The one thing i should have learned, if nothing else, is that when one drinks warm water, one needs to be careful how the cup/glass is handled. This time round, i have my drink yet again placed between my arms on my work desk and i am merrily typing away. I want to consult my notebook for something and i reach for it, in the process, u guessed it right, toppling the glass....and yes it fell again, right in between my legs. And this time it was light blue jeans, so the comic relief people would/will get outta the sight cannot be lost on you.

Oh well...that day is over and i am really praying to god i don't repeat this mess in the future...the truth is though that right now i have a coke can placed right between my arms and it's just another calamity waiting to happen.

Have a great week ahead you guys...