Wednesday, June 06, 2012


Anu introduced me to Korean Dramas and now I am hooked, there is no looking back.
I love everything about these shows, the lifestyle, the culture, the soju (alcohol) drinking accompanied with anju (snacks).

So far I have seen
Lie to me
Coffee Prince
Coffee House
Capital Scandal

and bits of
Summer Scent
Protect the boss
Boys over flowers

And movies:
My girlfriend is an agent
Relation of face, mind and love.

I have to say I am in love in Kang Ji-hwan. Isn't he cute. So most of the shows I have seen so far,  and all the movies have him. He's not just hot, but a really good actor. I don't feel like he's getting his due though.

So I compiled a list of things I find common in KDs:

1. the guy is always rich and the girl is from a poor family, but not helpless 
2. there are always 2 guys, nobody likes the girl in the beginning and then all fall for her.
3. this is always the story of second love.
4. if the guy is rich, he must drive a german car.
5. karoke is very popular
6. of course drinking and eating
7. if one can speak english, one is looked upon.
8. skin looking good is very important
9. If a guy or girl has been seen naked by someone or there's a kiss between two people, you can be sure they are the ones who will end up together.
10. Rolling up of sleeves is a very common phenomenon.
11. Grabbing girls by the arm is very common and it's super cute too.
12. Everybody is so thin.

So far those are my observations. I love how innocent the dramas are. I am falling in love with S.Korean culture too. So like India, they have words for relationships, it's not just Uncle and Auntie. There is a lot of respect among peers and people maintain space. I do find it funny that if someone is a Director or Chairman, they are always referred by their title. So it's Director Cho or Chairman Park. 

I cannot wait to watch My fair lady, after I finish Prosecutor Princess. Yipee!!

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

2.5 years

Puchhi and Gunnu are now 2.5 year old. Who are they you ask? Puchhi is M and Gunnu is N. Those are the names we gave them when they were still inside my belly. Gunnu is the cute version of Gundu because well that's what he is. Puchhi because I had imagined my sweet little M to be an angel. Of course God didn't listen to me there.

So..they're talking more now, demanding more. M loves to say 'yes' now. A VERY big milestone. N is still getting there. The most emphatic yes I get from M is when she has pooped and if I ask her she'll say the biggest brightest 'YES'. Or if she spots ice cream. N will just grin knowingly when he sees ice cream..he knows it's coming.

M has somehow caught onto saying 'No mommy no, stop it.' It was cute and funny at first..but now it just sounds rude. So at first I tried asking her to say 'Please stop it', like that was not so rude. So now she's finally stopping her self when she wants to say 'Stop it' and instead says 'Please don't'.

N on the other hand is using his hands now for expressing displeasure. He will pull M's hair or push her. But the good thing is he knows he has done something bad and will say sorry or hug her.

We went to the Nasher Sculpture Garden this weekend with bestie A. The kids had a blast and they didn't throw any fits or get bored, they just did what we asked them to do mostly and actually ate lunch also somewhat peacefully.
Nasher had a sculpture of a woman who was embarrassed and she is shown covering her face with her arms. N and M took this interpretation "Aunty ear hurt".

Apparently I talk to my mom the most on the phone, everytime the phone rings, they're saying 'Nani phone?'

Barney is still the favorite most show, followed by the gummy bear song.

N is getting better at throwing the ball and can catch a ball that has bounced once, meaning the force has been halved and he can gauge the speed and direction better.

M doesn't like playing catch as much as she likes kicking it. Definitely got more leg eye co-ordination than her mom.

N has gotten out of his phase of calling me by my name. It was cute and I miss it. But I don't encourage him.

They're getting more confident in the play ground and are not averse to trying new things, but they are always very careful and I am thankful for that. I see other kids running around without a fear and then I see mine, gingerly climbing and I think would I prefer that, then I think not. I like that they are careful and like to test the waters before they jump in.

So far the 2s haven't been terrible at all. They're been terrific if anything. Keeping fingers crossed.