Wednesday, June 20, 2007

This has been the longest time when i have not written anything.
I have been lazy, very lazy. Not that there weren't interesting things to write about!

I have spent these past few weeks admiring my mom a whole lot, not like i have not always been extremely proud of her and proud to be her daughter, but some of the things she does and has done are just exemplary!

My mother is a very strong lady, she has a lot of strength and courage. When my sister and I were very young, i was only 4 years old, my Dad went to Nigeria for a two year deputation, my mother, a doctor, by occupation, stayed in India with us because she was worried about our education. Staying with two children in those days, alone, was quite an amazing task for a woman, with children so young. She did a splendid job, my sisters and my dance classes were never stopped, she still managed to take us out to our favorite places and do all the things that we would've done with Dad around, we did miss Dad, but we managed well. My sister had an operation in this duration and I had a fracture, but my mother didn't get hassled by all this, sometimes my Grand Dad was there to help her, other times he wasn't. We had very bad neighbors who gave her grief for no fault of hers and i remember her being to agitated by it but didn't complain about it to us. Dad and she manged things so well despite the distances, it was amazing. It was like a bout of bad things to happen to her, just before we were

My Dad had to tour a lot, so even after coming back from Nigeria, he would travel to Vizag on a monthly basis, my Mother's strength saw us through it all.

Now my parents are back in Nigeria, Mom is working for an IV clinic, and I am amazed at how fast she learned the new technology, not that it was easy, being used to old ways and not used to the computers that were pushed her way, she is someone, whom i had a had time teaching, Ctrl C and Ctrl. V, but this lady has now mastered the art of Microsoft Powperpoint! i was delighted to see the presentations she makes, complete with a graph!!! She doesn't take any help for house hold chores, my Dad helps around, but despite the grueling hours at the clinic, she still goes for her walk, makes the most splendid meals, takes care of the house, socializes and does all this with a smile on her face.

Mom, i am so proud of you and i strive to have your patience, perseverance and simplicity. If I could even be 10% of you, I would call it an achievement.