Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Ye tera ghar, ye mera ghar, kisse ko dekhna ho agar, to pehle maang le tere nazar meri nazar...

This is what i am humming to myself all the time these days :) These are the lyrics from a hindi song which means, "This house, yours and mine, if someone wants to see it, should see it through our eyes" . I am in love with my house.!!!

I have truthfully been in love with every single place I have lived, no matter how much I have cribbed about lack of amenities, I have always loved home.

And now I have a house where i can put as many nails as i want in the walls, paint the walls as i want, play the loudest music ever and plant plants! I am so excited.

Gourav and i bought our first house together this past month, it was a grueling, exhausting yet exciting process. We saw enough houses to know exactly what we needed and wanted, to pick the neighborhood we liked and the city we liked. Mortgage, insurance, down payment these were the words that were most spoken by us :) Gourav was the pundit, I was the dreamer, I would start to dream about how I would decorate the house, which room would be what, where Dodo would be and how much fun it'll be to wake up in the morning and go out to the patio to the fresh air.

It took us 2 months to get our dream home, and it's truly a dream that we are living right now. It's one big house and we love every square inch of it, when we see Dodo running around, confused sometimes, sometimes excited, it makes us very happy. As soon as i pull into the drive way, I feel immense joy in going inside our home.

We have moved, but we are not fully settled, soon that day will come, when nothing will be in boxes!!! this was my 5th move in as many years, I am just happy right now, that i don't have to think about packing my boxes for a really long time!!! Hallelujah!!!