Monday, June 09, 2008


Almost every Desi has some funny stories to tell about their first few days in the US, in a land so different from home. Be it the pedestrian walking signals or cooking one's first meal here.

So I was talking to my Dad and we were sitting in a drive through and I was suddenly reminded of my very first drive thru experience.

I had been in US only a few days, maybe 1 month. I was sitting in the library and it was around 11 pm, when my friend Varnit comes and says, he's hungry and that he doesn't have any food at home. We agree to go to the Taco Bell on cooper street about 3/4 mile away. Now we didn't have a car but we thought we'll walk upto it. So off we set to get some tacos.

We get to the store, and poop, it's closed, but Hallelujah, the drive-thru is open. Lord have mercy. We begin to walk towards it and all this time we'd been discussing the menu and how super hungry we were. Just as we are approaching the Menu board we see this sign that reads 'All patrons must be in a car, anyone on foot will not be served....'. And we finish reading this sign and hear this loud honk from behind us, there's a bunch of people in a car honking at our pity little sorry faces. We run away embarrassed and feeling dismayed, not just at the prospect of not getting any food, but also at the thought of having made such complete fools of ourselves.

Now when we look back at this incident, it's so funny to us, but back then we had been almost in tears and felt so sorry for ourselves and so ready to take a flight back home :)