Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My Mom moment

I have read about other Moms facing this and it was time I faced it too.

This past weekend, we were at a get together which had a good outdoor space, where the kids could run around. So M and N were having a lot of fun running around, chasing imaginary things and each other and playing tag. A little while later, N got interested in a group of boys playing - they were probably 4-5 years old. N and M go upto them and statrt talking in their language which I don't think kids of that age get - they've probably forgotten it. So all of them ignore these two and run off, except this one boy who stands there listening to N jabber. Out of the blue, he pushes N and N gets angry and says to him 'No push', so the boy this time pushes both M and N. I was a little distance away, so I walked upto this boy, and I repeated what N had said except I added some vowels and prepositions ' Please don't push'. The little boy moved away and I looked around for any parents, but no one seemed to claim to know the boy.

Later G and I were discussing this and G told me I was being over protective. But I wasn't, I told him, I would've reprimanded N too if he pushed anyone, I make him apologize immediately to M when he pushes her or pulls her hair. It's just the right thing to do. Am I wrong? Should I not have said anything to the little boy, should I have let N handle the situation?

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Downton Abbey

I am in love - with the show and I have a massive crush on Dan Stevens.
If you haven't seen the show, you MUST, if you like Jane Austen style of writing and era. I love strong female leads and guys who support that, this just sits right up there.

I wrote a post not so long ago and it was written hastily and I didn't clarify, so I will clarify now. I love Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte, Emily Bronte, Margaret Mitchell and most recently found Georgette Heyer. Love all the above writers, and the reason is simple. I love the era they write about, the charm, the simpleness of the times and the romance is so subdued - it's more between the lines, in the nuances, unlike today's books about those times (Jude Deveraux) where it's just about damsel in distress. It's really not a surprise, I LOVE books with strong female leads, it's what I like the most and I cannot imagine the kind of woman who waits for things to happen to her.

So Downton Abbey is the same and I am in love. There is this story about the Earls and Duchess and then the servants and maids, how different and yet similar. It's a story about love, greed, passion, families, war, children, parents and just anything else you can think of. Have I yet got you interested?

Dan Stevens is the yummiest guy on TV right now for me - sorry John Krasinski - you're second, I know I am very fair.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring has sprung!

Yipee!! Although we had mild winters, but it's good to not have to lug our jackets and sweaters and caps and leg warmers with us. (Yes leg warmers are pretty cool and I like them )
So to commemorate the onset of milder and prettier weather outside, we have been going to the park almost everyday and if we haven't been able to then we have been playing in the backyard, enjoying the sounds of birds and dogs, watching cars and waving at them. And doing somethings Mom is not proud of. Like playing with the sprinkler heads.

We did a little gulal holi at home, I wasn't sure at all how the kids would like it, but they were pretty sporting about it and even put it on themselves, each other and us. Below are proofs.

Spring has also brought a lot of weeds with it, I really need a better solution for it. Kids like to be outside, so it's a good thing that we all get the exercise.

Ok, now that I have said a few lines, I will go get some work done.

Happy Spring everyone :)