Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring has sprung!

Yipee!! Although we had mild winters, but it's good to not have to lug our jackets and sweaters and caps and leg warmers with us. (Yes leg warmers are pretty cool and I like them )
So to commemorate the onset of milder and prettier weather outside, we have been going to the park almost everyday and if we haven't been able to then we have been playing in the backyard, enjoying the sounds of birds and dogs, watching cars and waving at them. And doing somethings Mom is not proud of. Like playing with the sprinkler heads.

We did a little gulal holi at home, I wasn't sure at all how the kids would like it, but they were pretty sporting about it and even put it on themselves, each other and us. Below are proofs.

Spring has also brought a lot of weeds with it, I really need a better solution for it. Kids like to be outside, so it's a good thing that we all get the exercise.

Ok, now that I have said a few lines, I will go get some work done.

Happy Spring everyone :)