Friday, February 17, 2012


My 2 year old asked me for a napkin, when I set her down for dinner last night.
We cannot leave house without our jackets anymore - jacket police aka kids are onto us if we do.
We cannot skip parts of a song, we are caught.
We cannot sing along songs, we are told to stop sternly.
We cannot eat desert without sharing.
We cannot go to the park and not feed the ducks.

They can say a lot of words now.
They can skip and hop.
They can fake cry!!! (This is big)
They can tell us when they have pooped (Time for potty training)
They think of themselves as the boss of our phones (Like a friend said, we have to take it from them on loan)
They want to dress and undress themselves. (You would think, we like that, think again)

Last week when G was traveling, I was getting the kids ready, giving them a bath etc. While I dressed N and M was already done, she started cleaning up, putting the dirty clothes into the hamper, keeping the lotion away and even throwing away the soiled diapers. My girl is one big helper and I am amazed at how much she resembles me in wanting things to be in their place the whole time.

G now knows that it is useless to fight M, if she first wants to wear her jacket and then shoes, then that is the order, else there will be unnecessary delay. Me being the brains of the marriage, knew that well before ;)

N knows how to manipulate his Mommy (the smart brains comment above, can be pretty much scrapped). He has me wrapped around his little finger. He will just give the signal that he wants to be held and I will oblige. G and M have the same relationship.
But, really there is a reason for it, N has been sick a lot lately, cough, cold, ear infection have not left his side for over a month. All this leads to his losing weight and being unhappy.

This has been a grueling month for me at work, in a good way, but too much pressure to release untested things into production. It's been taking toll on my general happiness. HEHE.

On the boot camp front, the camp went through major changes and our work outs now are killer! It's really awesome and I can see a lot of changes in myself. I had better lose more weight in this camp, because in the second camp, I didn't lose any. Yeh - sob a tear for me will ya?

I can't believe this is only my second post this year, I am slacking!

Ohhh..before I forget, we took the kids to Chucke Cheese a couple of weeks ago. It was a blast! We had never been, and is this place the bomb for kids or what? It's a pretty cool place, with a lot of fun activities for kids. M couldn't get enough of the slide and N of the rocking animals there.  We had fun watching the kids and our friends kids, who introduced us to the place. We might be going back there today!

Have a good week end folks, until next time.


  1. Your babies are little fire-crackers ! Great blog !

  2. When r u planning to come down to India next i wanna meet my little ones :)
    and plz work hard in camp, lose some weight :D

  3. love you and your family...keep updating this more often!

  4. ur story about kids make me wanting to have kids one one hand and
    make me nervous on handling kids on the other ..

  5. Akansha - thanks :)
    Ankit - you best be nice to me :P
    Anu - right back @ ya.
    gunjan - thanks for visiting. Kids are the harbinger of joy and delight. try it - you'll like it :D