Wednesday, January 04, 2012

New Year!!!

Hello 2012! supposedly you are the last year we are supposed to see, supposedly we are all going to perish on 21st Dec 2012. We will just have to see about that now.

So, we had a great NYE, the weather gods, were bountiful and we got a splendid day, the high was 74F that day, so we hung out in the park with the kids for over 2 hours, we walked around one of the prettiest shopping block and then headed to get some pizza. The kids fell asleep in the car after that and G and I drove around Dallas downtown, saw all the party people dressed in skimpy clothes and stilettos and the insane crowds near AAC. It looked like Dallas was a party capital. We got home, put the kids to bed and then saw a fun thriller movie - Super 8. It's a fun watch and the best part is there are good close ups of the monster!

We had a rough ending to last year, the entire family was sick, luckily G had the last week of the year off, so he could stay home and take care of the kids, while I worked. We are still recovering and it is very annoying.

I am smelling nice food, which means it is lunch time! So off I go!