Friday, March 16, 2007

I just got back from lunch and i am in a huge dilemma!
I wrote earlier about these flying objects on the roads and how they scare me, so well today when i was driving back to work, there was this truck with a trailer attached to it, going in front of me. It didn't look very well kept and there were pieces of cardboard in it and some empty plastic crates. The crates were all loose and were moving around in the back of the trailer and this trailer was open at the end, so things could fall off!

nothing untoward happened but the crate fell, it caused people to change lanes and such, but the truck driver happily and ignorantly kept driving his damn trailer and took off!

now my dilemma is, i want to report this guy, i want him to tie his @#$%^&* crates together and not have them strewn around the whole Metroplex. but i don't know what the cops will do, i don't know if he has a license even, if this is his only means of lively hood and how i might endanger that. but i want such drivers taught a lesson.

what should i do. i still remember the registration number of the vehicle.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Ctrl F

Finally i am back to feeling a 100%, it's been an ordeal fighting fatigue, weakness, fever, cough...but now i am back to being healthy! What is not strange is that i had been willing illness to come to me, i mean i was praying that i would fall sick, that way i would get the much needed rest, but i think I pleased the god of sickness too much and the god of wellness too little and thus the infection and symptoms went for a bit too long. lesson learnt, too much praying is literally not good for health!

Meanwhile, for a lot of time now, whenever i have some time and am not looking for anything else on Google or wiki, i am looking for 1 of three things. Now for quite sometime now, i have been spending a lot of time, trying to find two lost friends and 1 series i used to see in India way way back and now want to see it again. Now, one of the two friends, Mandavi Saxena, I am writing her name here so that if someone who is in touch with her, reads this, can tell her about me. So she and I were very good friends in school, then i moved away, and for sometime we kept in touch, we even met some 7-8 years ago in my solitary trip to Ranchi. But after that, I have not been able to find her. None of my other friends who know her, know how to get in touch with her! to imagine that in this day and age there are people who do not have an active email address. Same story is with another friend of mine, but in her case, i have finally been able to get a valid email id and if Gods willing and Jagariti willing, she will reply soon!!!

Ok now the third thing and arguably the most irritating, most tempting and most sought after amongst the three! When i was maybe 12 or 14 years old, there was a Japanese series that was aired on Indian television, Oshin. It was one of the most popular, non-Hindi series ever to hit the indian television! The showed us a significant part of the series, but suddenly for no apparent reason, the series can canceled and was aired no more! Back then, there was no Internet and i had more pressing matters to deal with, like my friends, school, the games we played and so much more. But now for about 8-10 months, i have been looking for a DVD collection or any such digital copy of the series, but so far i have come up with zilch. I do find some DVD collections on amazon, but they are in Japanese and cost like $2000 but other than that i have found wiki entry and some blogs and even IMDB mentions it, but i cannot find any digital copies. Not netflix, not blockbuster, not eBay, nothing.

But my search shall continue, i am not going to give up this soon...

Why is that one cannot tell someone something that matters to you and they not pass on the thought to someone else? And then those super geniuses have to trespass your thoughts all the time!