Friday, March 16, 2007

I just got back from lunch and i am in a huge dilemma!
I wrote earlier about these flying objects on the roads and how they scare me, so well today when i was driving back to work, there was this truck with a trailer attached to it, going in front of me. It didn't look very well kept and there were pieces of cardboard in it and some empty plastic crates. The crates were all loose and were moving around in the back of the trailer and this trailer was open at the end, so things could fall off!

nothing untoward happened but the crate fell, it caused people to change lanes and such, but the truck driver happily and ignorantly kept driving his damn trailer and took off!

now my dilemma is, i want to report this guy, i want him to tie his @#$%^&* crates together and not have them strewn around the whole Metroplex. but i don't know what the cops will do, i don't know if he has a license even, if this is his only means of lively hood and how i might endanger that. but i want such drivers taught a lesson.

what should i do. i still remember the registration number of the vehicle.


  1. Ignore it. World is full of jackasses.

  2. the POed truck driver7:48 PM

    dunno why are u in such a dilemma? u weren't gonna anything about it anyway?

  3. @G:
    i know it is and i am still debating on if we should let these people go scot-free.

    @the POed truck driver
    i am still thinking interesting points have been made by a colleague of mine and by reporting against him, i might not be harming his means of livelihood or i could be. see that is what i dont know and i dont want to jump the gun assume anything, so yeah you might be right and i might end up not doing anything about it...