Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The year that was - 2010

Has to be the most exciting in our lives!
Although the twins were born in 2009, but this is the year when they started doing things other than sleeping and eating.

So! this was the year with a lot of changes! Not only did G n I became parents in the proper sense of the word, our babies are on their way to becoming toddlers. My sister, the lifeline of my stay here in the US, moved away to another city. After having lived in the same city for over 7 years, this was a huge change. But she came back home when the kids turned 1, so that was nice.

My BIL and SIL came over to the US for the first time in their lives, and they thoroughly enjoyed their visit. I am so glad they got to come here, something G n I have wanted for a long time.
I got to see both my parents twice this year! How cool is that?! M got to visit almost all my family and G's family that mattered. She is one lucky girl. I left my 11 month old son for 2 weeks. I will probably never let myself forget how awful that felt and how much I missed him. G was a splendid Dad, but I felt terrible the whole time. I don't think we'll be doing that ever again.
Though I didn't face being laid off myself, I have experienced it through others and it's something I don't wish on anyone. Work atmosphere has changed, I am constantly worrying about my job and that is not a happy place to be.
Mr O made promises to change the world, he did none of that, this year too.

I have started on a healthy life style and though it took a back seat in the last month, I am going to be on the wagon most of next year. I have goals and I will achieve them!
I look back on the year gone by and there is not one day or one minute that I think I should have lived differently. I am glad for the choices I have made.
Some people who were dear to me, are not so much anymore and again, that is something I have my peace with.
This year was not the happiest of times for some people I know, maybe for others too. But I plan on making it another successful and happy year, so just you wait 2011, just you wait!

Happy New Year to all those people who read me up occasionally!
Thanks a bunch!!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


And so we are here again, I am going to rant about invite etiquette.
Thankfully it will not be a long post, I have too much work going on ;)

So, it was the babies birthday and I had sent invites a month before the party. Plus I had called everyone on the list and made sure they were personally invited.
All this 'personal' touch not withstanding it took some people 2 calls, an email plus a paper invite to get back to me.
So here's the question, how long does it take for anyone to look at their calendars, consult their family and get back? If it is their party, wouldn't they want everyone to revert back to them ASAP. Obviously yes! It takes planning to organize a party, there is the food, the deco, the return gifts. All these depend on the invites, don't they? There was a time when I started thinking I was begging people to come ! Such 'friends' I have!
So where is the line drawn? Do you call once and wait for the person to get back to you? Or you think, maybe this person is really genuinely busy and call or write to them again. But that should definitely be it right?

I was so disgusted with a few folks, that I wanted to really tell them how I felt. But that is not my nature, so I refrained. But next time, I am going to be more crass! If you are reading this blog and are put off by my tone...I am sorry. But I was frustrated (probably still am).
Will post a smiley, cheery post soon...

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Happy Birthday My Babies!!!

Happy Birthday my monkeys!!! We love you both so much! And your Dad and I are just overwhelmed at how fast this year has gone by and you guys are 1 year old today!
I wish you could see my inbox or my phone or my facebook page. We have been showered with wishes from EVERYONE!!!
I feel like it is my Birthday :)

Your party is on Saturday, I am overwhelmed by it, but your Mausi is coming and I know I will be calm then. I hope the two of you grow up to be more crazy about each other than how your Mausi and I are. More love, more warmth.

Love you, Love you, Love you!!!!

Can't wait to hug you guys again (i.e. when I go home :D)