Thursday, March 27, 2008

About a broken phone and a book club

Friday sometime,two weeks ago, Gourav and I were talking on the phone and I was trying to empty the dish washer too, I was using both my hands to work the dishes and the phone was cradled between the shoulder and the ear. Suddenly the phone slipped and hit the dishwasher (open) face down, meaning the display hit the washer first. Next thing I know is I have a broken phone :( I could receive calls, but not know who is calling and I could only call the people who's numbers i remembered, which a grand total of two people!!!

A lot of people asked me this basic question, why I hadn't backed up contacts anywhere else. In this day and age of technology and data, one would think it's the most natural and obvious thing to do. Not to me, I thought my phone is simply unbreakable and such mishaps are uncommon in a life as simple and organized as mine! (yeah right!) . Since then I have learned lots of cool things about the email service I use, namely Gmail and the services my new phone, Treo, provide.

What is quite sad is, on my old phone I had some 120 contacts, when I had received emails from all the people who bothered to reply to my desperate email of getting their phone #s, I have only 56 numbers, I have no clue who the rest of the people are and what am I to do about people who don't have email and I cannot talk to unless I call them!!! Aaaahhh, the good old days of phone diaries!!! Naeh, I don't really miss it, I am just being melodramatic!

Another thing which I am maybe was very excited about was starting a book club. I saw this movie 'Jane Austen's book club' and the idea of being a part of a book club started forming in my mind. I got in touch with a few of my friends, and the idea went down well with most of them and it got decided that we will start a book club. Who knew that co-ordinating 5 people over a span of 5 weeks would be a daunting task, LOL. Apparently it is! We haven't still met but there is hope that in the coming week, we shall meet! And the first book we have picked up is 'Life of Pi'. We'll see how it goes! I will write about it, hopefully something interesting happens there!

And, I saw leatherheads, (I call it the John Krasinski movie)!!! He's 'oh just so cute'!!! George Clooney has done a really good job too in the movie, his comic timing is immaculate! Zellweger was simply ok! But it's a funny movie and a must watch for all you 'I heart Jim' fans ;)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


So Anu's comments about her initial college days reminded me of an incident when I was just going to join Engineering college.

To give a little background, I was brought up partially in Ranchi and partially in Delhi. My parents are very broad minded. We were taught spiritual values at home and to be religious, but not over do it, be practical, work hard, play, read and do whatever you do with love and dedication. Now the last part has always been hard to do. So the point is that it was a liberal environment for us.

So, now I was to join Jabalpur Engineering College, Jabalpur, it's not a big town, it's a small town in the state of MP in India. So my Dad and I go for the counseling session, where my Engineering branch (CS/EE/ETC/Civil etc) would be decided etc. So after a lot of hours, finally it's decided that I will get the coveted Computer Science and Engineering branch. Now I have a lot of family in Jabalpur,so living in the hostel would be out of the question. So, my Dad and I start thinking how I will travel to college everyday, it was a 10 km drive. Just then, we overhear a guy talking and he says he will be coming from Wright Town to college everyday. My Dad's ears are very sharp by the way ;) So he goes over to this guy, let's just call him, MTEE, and asks him if he was going to join Computer Science, and he nods. And Dad comes over to me and tells me, he found me a ride! So MTEE and I meet. Now my cousin, who was from Jabalpur was also there and he's staring at us. I couldn't understand what the problem was! So finally we wrap up and we go home. My cousin gives us an earful, 'are u kidding me, Megha will go to college, what a boy?'. To say, that I was horrified, is an understatement, my own cousin! I have always been around boys all my life, so this new aspect was alien to me! Anyway, we don't think too much about it and I am happy about the prospect of joining college soon!

One month later, it's the first day to college, and my cousin drops me off. How that day went and what all I went through, is a thing of the past, and looking back it was all fun! But here's the most important thing...later in the day I learn that MTEE is almost a goon of the college! He saw me too, I was so surprised and shocked that I just looked away, he I think smiled, but the bottom line is, the previous meeting was never discussed or mentioned! My poor Dad, what was he to know that the ride he was finding me to college would really be a goon :) It's seems so funny now, but the 4 years I was in Jabalpur, I always feared that someday somebody might mention it and I would die of shame!!! To be linked to THAT guy and that too for a ride!!!

Friday, March 07, 2008


So there is a person, I don't have too much respect for, simply because this person is very rude, mean and has no respect for other people's feeling. Today, this person did something to just intensify that feeling. Here's what happened:

I got broccoli and cheese stuffed potato for lunch to work. It's a nice, filling lunch and I enjoy it. So I have to go to the break room to heat my lunch and I cross this person. He/She looks at it, I didn't invite them to, and goes, that just looks gross, it looks like there is something growing out of it. And made faces. And even after I said, 'Hey, I am going to be eating that', the person didn't stop. "Ugh, how can you?".

I never had a good impression of this person, and now I just don't have any respect left.