Friday, March 07, 2008


So there is a person, I don't have too much respect for, simply because this person is very rude, mean and has no respect for other people's feeling. Today, this person did something to just intensify that feeling. Here's what happened:

I got broccoli and cheese stuffed potato for lunch to work. It's a nice, filling lunch and I enjoy it. So I have to go to the break room to heat my lunch and I cross this person. He/She looks at it, I didn't invite them to, and goes, that just looks gross, it looks like there is something growing out of it. And made faces. And even after I said, 'Hey, I am going to be eating that', the person didn't stop. "Ugh, how can you?".

I never had a good impression of this person, and now I just don't have any respect left.


  1. such ppl have to be punched in their is soooo annoying. I have ppl in my office tell such things too...oooh that smells strong or what is that smell...and i am like...I put up with ur stinking fish and bloody beef...
    I have stopped eating in the kitchen for this reason and now eat only at my desk...but get commented on that too...but i have been hearing it for the past 3 years that i dont care anymore!!! I know how frustrating it can be...let it not get to you...esp on a friday...hehehe...

  2. Ha, thanks Anu. I normally don't get too bothered about people commenting on my food. But this time, because that person is so freaking rude and insensitive that it got to me real bad!

    Yes it IS friday :) :D

  3. Heh. I bet I know who said it.

    People are always saying my cereal looks like bird seed. "What are you eating, bird seed?" :-) And I think to myself: you're going to die 20 years early and spend a lot of time in the hospital before you pass. Is that wrong of me to think that? :-/


    Regarding the fish stink: It DOES stink. It's funny how people get used to the stink and start to like it.

  4. Mr Drimble! i miss you!!! It is wrong to think that way !!! Blasphemy.
    Wait till you parents listen to you talk like that!!!

    Some foods do stink, and I think people should have regard for their fellow microwave users!!! Right?