Friday, February 01, 2008

50th Post!

It's a month into the New Year and here i am sitting not yet used to writing 2008. :) The past year was a very hectic year, as in the year went by real fast. Well, i feel that way about every single moment in my life :)

2007, was a fun year. I went back to India after 4 years and saw so much of my family after such a long time. So many new people in the family, who I had only spoken to before, not met, but all that is now taken care of. I met Gourav's family, it was so much fun to spend time with his parents and brother and sister in law. I finally shopped in India and now i am happy that my home has (some) Indian art and Ganesh jis. :) And i have new clothes! *isn't that the most important part?*

Gourav and I celebrated our first anniversary! We took trips to Boston, FL, DC. All of them so special and so much fun! Deshna, Ahana and Sanjana filled all our lives with their little coos and aahs and laughter :) I couldn't be happier for all my 'new parent' friends :)

Work wise the past year was very challenging, yet I came through! and i have been finding that it's been getting better ever since! Some people i really liked, moved away to different jobs, and i was feeling low about it. But i have made other/more friends and i have learnt to detach myself from the nastiness of some people i don't care about so much :)!!! I ROCK!

Now this year, 2008 has already the best thing that could happen to Gourav and me, he's stopped traveling!!! he's on a local project and our days are just so happy. it's fun to do things together all the time, and spend evening together, we have even set on a path to get fit and it's the best thing to do it together!

We bought a new sharp 46" LCD TV and it's been so much fun! Watching TV is just a totally different experience and the couch potatoes have been enjoying it :)

This year, i know is going to be a special year for us, and i am looking forward to the different challenges, experiences that will come our way.

I am at a very place in my life right now! I hope I don't jinx myself!!!


  1. Quote: I ROCK!

    Yes you do! :-) I'm glad you've learned and grown so much over the past year. Three thumbs up!

  2. Yes! it's been a very educational year!!!

    So how come there is nothing you want to write about?

  3. heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    Did not know GG moved to town for good...never told much we keep in touch! anyways good news yaar...congrats!

    Have a greater year me you will.

  4. Wow, that wasa fun read. Btw, saurabh has a Sharp Aquos 37" and he is in love with that thing. He will trade me in for a 46" screen anyday, so I'm glad you didnt mention that you guys own one ;)