Tuesday, July 12, 2011

18 MOs in the house!

...and we're bringing down the house in every which way!!!!

The little pranksters are now upto absolutely no good. Getting into trouble because they can reach all kinds of places. Be it the furthest point from the corner where they are standing near a table or the absolute end of a couch.

This post my little ones is dedicated to what you guys have taught me:
1. You guys have taught me patience, like I never knew.
2. You have taught me to be a light sleeper
3. To manage time better.
4. To love your Daddy more and appreciate him more.
5. To love and appreciate my parents more.
6. To eat so many leftovers from your meal, that it would make a meal of my own.
7. To start laughing in the middle of being absolutely fed up.
8. To make the stupidest faces.

There is obviously more..but I guess the feelings are obvious. Bottom line is I respect my parents and their parenting much more now.

So my little munchkins, you guys are now a riot! You love wipes these days, love to just pull them out of the box and then drop them all over the place, we have to now hide the box from you.
You have developed a love for strings and things with strings, including belts, wires, pull toys and random strings you can get hold of.
You guys love cold fruits. Water melons, apples, straw berries, bananas, cherries, blue berries and black berries are your favorite.
You guys fight a lot now!!!
M you've learnt there is no point in fighting for some toys, because N always  gets his way. N you know you are super powerful and you have also learnt manipulation. Sometimes, very rarely, when  you want something M has, you will take another toy to her and entice her with that! This you have learnt from M, who though placates you with toys when you throw a fit.
M if I give you 2 pieces of snack or fruit and ask you to give one to N, you will do so. N, if asked to do the same thing...well, we know how that ends.
N you love to explore new things, things you obviously shouldn't be touching! Like the camera, laptop, your Dad and my laptop bags.
M you will notice immediately if I change my ear rings or wear an bangle.
Both of you love bangles, and hair bands.
2 things you both hate:
1. kisses!
2. Getting out of the bath.

Thank you for making your Dad's and my life so eventful, for showing us unconditional love and teaching us patience. Love you both so much, I miss you so much right now.

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Who's baby is it anyway?

I am not an Aishwarya Rai Bachchan fan. I agree she is pretty, carries her clothes and herself well, is dignified but not a good actress. She can sometimes be good, but not always. It takes a good director I think, to bring out the best in her.

Madhur Bhandarkar is a fine Director. His movies are tight and worthy of a second watch. However I have always found his nature suspicious, given the casting couch charges against him.

That said, this whole Ash vs Bhandarkar controversy is getting on my nerves. Pregnancy is a woman's prerogative and it has nothing to do with her job. NOTHING. When she chooses to disclose her pregnancy is her privilege. The employer cannot discriminate against her in any way. It is natural and it shouldn't be looked down upon or frowned upon. I hate the fact that the director is now sulking and saying all kinds of irrational things. I doubt any woman thinks about telling her boss the first time she pees on the positive stick. She has far more greater things to worry about, and she is under no obligation to tell anyone that she is pregnant. I understand it is show biz and that a lot of people are probably affected by this, but you need to plan for this contingency, you cannot hold it against the actor. It happened, how is it her fault. She wasn't comfortable disclosing the news to you sooner, so stop acting like a baby and a wronged person. What if Madhur, God forbid, met with an accident and had to postpone the shoot, would Ash not be understanding then?

I don't know if the rules are different in show business, or if they should be. To me it doesn't seem right. A Mother goes through a lot in her pregnancy, she should not be forced to think about her job in a mean sort of way.

I really hope that this issue is given a lot of consideration. Workers need to be treated with respect and Employers should stop playing the victim card.