Friday, December 29, 2006

Difficult me!
You know how sometime you meet with someone on a daily basis and despite how nice they may be, you cannot seem to surpass a mental block about them, about some irascible habit of that person or just some peculiar you are saying "no it has never happened to me"...
i don't blame you, i am convinced i am a difficult person to be with, so all you people who have been friends with...kudos to you! i am not an easy going person, i tend to get very opinionated about people and then that feeling prevails for sometime till i get over my prejudices and decide it is time to shed the baggage. Or am i like this? i have lived with room-mates in the past and got along well with everyone...for the most time...

i do have a serious character flaw..i am convinced of that...but what i wonder is, am i not as an individual allowed to like a certain people with whom i gel and not the few who get on my's human isn't it? i have been told repeatedly by a lot people that i tend to take my feelings for a person a bit too far...and personally...well i would, wouldn't i? it's about me right? and my zone of comfort? if someone breaches that, i am bound to get that not true?

if i were a bird with a pen
and no one knew me, i would write a million line
but this name i have and this space, is a fine...

Sunday, December 03, 2006

what is wrong with these people? cant put a bat to a ball? cant throw a ball? the whole team sucks and i have always been an avid fan of indian cricket, in the past whenever they have under performed (that's the term i use) i would still defend them (not that they needed defending). but i have reached a point where i am ready to give up on them and ask them to take a long break from the game. Be it an un-imaginative Sharad Pawar or a lack luster Ian Chappel or the injuries that plague the team or the omni present question of a fifth bowler or a strong pace attack...these are problems that team should take responsibility for and stop treating it as an excuse. I have defended them in the past 3 months, and they needed defending or so i thought, now i've reached the end of my end of the rope.

So i'll wait till the end of the test matches and if they do a good job, then i'll contiue to believe that something can happen the world cup...

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Ice ice baby

it's white outside...the trees are covered in snow, the grass is white with a hint of green here and there...there is snow on the stairs, the car is covered in a white layer(this will give me lots of trouble tomorrow morning!!)...
so this was the first snow of the season in Dallas, and was it beautiful! it was just the most amazing thing to watch the snow flurry, to take a walk in the coldest wind and wear sweater and jacket and socks and muffler and remember to go out wearing shoes and not slippers, else the socks will get wet! it was one of the most exhilarating experiences for me, one that i crave for each winter...
pots of coffee and hot chocolate and soup and lying curled up watching movies or reading a just peep outside every few minutes to check to see if another flurry has started and then take a random walk in the snow again and feel the wind on your face and the snow on my's the most beautiful sight and feeling!

i want the snow to come back once more...for i've not had my full yet!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I am!

It makes me very mad when i see English words which were perfectly normal to use and have regular meaning in the English language, get "labeled" because of their connotations...
like "gay" ceases to mean happy, excited, exuberant, lively. the only meaning of gay, is now, homosexual. I remember i was in the 9th standard in school and in my English composition, i used the word "gay" to describe the day, the weather. I was well aware of the "other" meaning of the word, but can weather be homosexual ? but the response the teacher put in my book was disheartening to say the least! she said something to the affect "this word has come to mean something you dont want to mention in your paper"....
it is so sad that a perfectly normal word has now lost all it's innocence and genuiness.

Another word which seems to have lost it's meaning completely is "voyeur". It no more means a casual peeping Tom, all it now means is someone who seeks sexual satisfaction through visual means....oh come on, the word has another meaning, why do people overlook the "other" meaning and how is it that only that meaning is the one people seem to identify with, in the word of spoken English? I had once posted a comment somewhere with the word "voyeur" and i had to delete my comment because people thought it was misleading, when the truth is, it was perfectly harmless and innocent and was used in the proper context.

But, all that is lost, but i am now not going to let my these 2 precious words be treated like this, I am going to very well use them the way i please, and if u have a problem with that, please consult the dictionary and discover for yourself what we are missing.
I am sure there are many such words, but they seemed to have passed me by so if i do come across something I will jot it down and make sure it gets back it due and you my friend do tell me about it.

Monday, October 16, 2006

anu had tagged me way way back and finally now i am getting down to doing this!

1. Grab the book nearest to you, turn on page 18 and find line 4.
it's a line from tom clancy's net force. "...middle of the morning on a wekday..."

2. Stretch your left arm out as far as you can. was a nice stretch!

3. What is the last thing you watched on TV?

It was a movie "julianne moore's forgotten".

4. Without looking, guess what time it is?

1 pm.

5. Now look at the clock, what is the actual time?

it's hv taken a long break from work...shud get back!

6. With the exception of the computer, what can you hear?
in the background i can hear people's feet rubbing on the floor..mouse clicks, and someone just banged their knee in the table...that must've hurt!

7. When did you last step outside? What were you doing?
i just went outside to take a breath of fresh air...

8. Before you started this survey, what did you look at?
was reading the news on google

9. What are you wearing?
jeans, sweater and jacket

10. Did you dream last night?
i dont think so...or even if i did...i dont remember

11. When did you last laugh?
some half hour back, i was bugging a co-worker.

12. What is on the walls of the room you are in?
task lists, server settings, calendar...mundane suff!

13. Seen anything weird lately?

14. What do you think of this quiz?
i am trying to think the purpose to this...

15. What is the last film you saw?

16. If you became a multimillionaire overnight, what would you buy?

Have a big reunion with all my friends and family in the swankiest of places and show e'one the time of their life!

17. Tell me something about you that I dunno.
i hate shopping but i can spend hours in a home deco store!

18. If you could change one thing about the world, regardless of guilt or politics, what would you do?
i would make it compulsory for offices to have every other wkend, a long wkend!

19. Do you like to dance?

yup...but i am terribly shy!

20. George Bush.

21. Imagine your first child is a girl, what do you call her?

ambar, aakriti, kriti...
22. Imagine your first child is a boy, what do you call him?

though i love the name rahul, i prolly wudnt call my son that!
maybe akshat..

23. Would you ever consider living abroad?

living abroad right now...but home is where the heart is..and it's defi INDIA!

24. What do you want GOD to say to you when you reach the pearly gates?
u have done all u could !

25. 5 people who must also do this in their blog.
naeh...i'll pass!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

I Miss Home

It's that time of the year again, when I am most reminded of home....when the festivals are all crowding in your wall calendar, every days seems like a day meant for festivities, some pooja (prayer) , good food and meeting relatives..
My favorite festival is Diwali, it's the festival i most miss and look forward to and it's fast approaching..yipeee!!! but...i am not home..where i wud start preparations long mum-dad and me would go on a shopping spree to buy gifts for family and friends. The shops would be so well decorated, with glitter, colors and there would be a zillion people on the roads and we'd hv to tackle our way! Then we'd prepare some nice Indian delicacies...gujiya, shakar pare, namkeen pare, mathari, samosa, kachori, mouth is watering...ummmm...(and now i miss it all more!!!)

Then we'd battle through the insane traffic on Delhi roads and go gift delivering! this was really so cool, coz we'd get to meet friends we hadn't met in some time and i'd meet friends who were home for the holidays! and ofcouse the food...the very lovely Indian delicacies that i'd get to gorge!...I miss it soooo much!

The run up to diwali has some cute mini's sooo much fun...all the little pujas and the cleaning in the many times this would also be the time that the house would be that was the pain!! ...but soon the Diwali day would is the one day, i don't crib to get up day would be filled with decorating the house..with the leaf banner (called bandanwaar) , the painting on the floor (rangoli) and flowers would adorn the house...simply the best of indian delicacies would be consumed the whole day long...and then at nightfall...after the pooja (religious ceremony) we'd light the house with candles, diyas and the fancy string lights! the entire city would look like a galaxy! Then we'd go and crack the fire crackers and walk around town to see the lights and people...all dressed in the best of silks...

I sooo miss those days..the weather these days is the autumn i miss in India...the cool breeze in the mornings reminds me always of the long drives I have undertaken with my parents to meet family....the ganesh-laxmi idols @ home remind me of all the drama and hoopla surrounding the shopping of these idols in my Indian home....
If there is one thing I want to do right go back to those good old days when I'd celebrate Diwali in India...

Saturday, October 07, 2006

One of my best vacations!

Have you been to Chicago? if you haven't, I tell u, u must's the place to's an architectural heaven and the city surely knows how to attract crowds...they have the tallest, the largest, the it and they have it!

So we went on a week vacation to Chicago, it began on 29th Sept. and ended on 5th we were there for 6 days...and i tell u we were running out of time! one city and 6 days is left...that is how Chicago is!
when i look back the things i remember most about chicago are:
1. the architecture boat cruise
2. segway tour
3. wicked "the broddway show"
4. king tut's exhibition

Chicago is a city that has alot of history...some 200 years of it now...and that's quite something, considering how young US is...lake Michigan flanks one side of chicago..and it gives the city a beautiful green-blue color!
So on our first day of the vacation we decided to hit the museums...since both me and G are big museums enthusiasts...we were really looking forward to it...we started with the "Museum of Contemporary art", now this is a museum which tells you about alternative sources of energy, construction material, conservation of nature, wildlife and such things, not a a cliche "museum" and that's what made it interesting, the best part of it was the section with a myriad of pictures from different events, landing on moon, eclipses, birth of a flower and many more...the entrance had an interesting art displayed.

Since I am covering Museums here, let me continue with the museums, Chicago sure knows how to make the best looking structures, and this is well exemplified by the museums they have, we picked the ones we were most interested in:
Field Museum
Museum of Science and Industry
and other places like Adler Planetarium and Shedd Aquarium.
What interested me most about the Field Museum, which is a histroy museum was the King Tut's exhibits, they were so many and so well explained and the mere fascination we have for this boy king made it all the more interesting!
The planetarium also had a special going on how the kings calculated the years and the day, their knowledge of the constellations and how they revered these was really interesting! G slept off in this show...but i thoroughly enjoyed it, for we had just come out of the exhibits of the king and this seemed lk a bonus treat to me!!!

Then we did the architecture boat cruise, one hell of an experience, knowing when the different buildings were constructed, what's changed about them over the years and the uniqueness of each of them, this is really a very interesting tour and i would suggest everyone should take this tour, even if you are not interested in architecture, this still is a very entertaining tour. The must visit buildings are the John Hancock Observatory and the Sears Towers!

One thing we didn't do right was that our hotel was a bit far from downtown, which is where everything significant is. We ended up being frustrated by traffic a lot of times, so i would suggest anyone visiting Chicago should stay close to downtown.

Then came our Segway tour, now this is a cool way of seeing the city, we had registered with the tour people before we left Dallas, so we got there well in time for the demo record and then we were given some lessons, now let me tell you that this machine is really not as easy as it seems ok...i was uneasy on it and so the guide (who much to my dismay and luck saw from my face that i am scared) helped me through most of it..staying close to me and making sure i did the right things...but this happened after i had already fallen off the damn thing...rather funny it was...but the tour is really cool! Again a must-see/do in Chicago.

Chicago downtown has some nice restaurants that we sampled, of course there is the UNO pizzeria, but i would suggest to go there well in time before hunger pans strike you for it will be close to 1 hour wait no matter when u go...they made superlicious pizza!!!

Navy pier a fun place to wrap up an evening and oh the architecture tours begin here itself, you might have to check the listings to see when the tours are. This is located by the Lake Michigan and it has rides/food/local shops/souvenirs and such...we also saw a joker/magician doing some tricks. There is a popcorn gourmet shop here that sell different kinds of popcorns, we liked the caramel if u like gourmet popcorn, you know where to go! Some stunning stained glass paintings can also be found here.

If you to Chicago and do not go to Broadway, then it's a waste of a trip if you are from a place like we went to see Wicked, my second experience with musicals. All this while I used to think that Bombay Dreams was the best thing ever, but how wrong i was i came to know when i saw wicked!! it really was brilliantly done, the production, the props, the performers, the music everything was simply amazing!

Chicago is not a conventional honeymoon spot, but both of us really wanted to go there and it was truly an amazing experience, we liked the city so much that we going to visit it again soon!
So if you are craving a vacation and are not sure where to go, go see Chicago, it's a lovely place to go...but just check the weather before you do gets pretty nasty there in the winters :)

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Fear of Flying Objects

On 31st July, I was on my way back from work and I was on Interstate-30, going home to my sister's I-30 has always been the most hated interstate for me, I dont like that highway for it doesnt have a shoulder on either side and this really scares me, as I have come to know a lot of other people as well!

So well it was around 3:30 in the afternoon and I was happy that I was going to get some time to spend @ home with my Dad...this truck on my right lane was going at the average speed and I was fairly behind it...and i noticed that it had some wood sheets in it, which weren't secured very tight...and i was beginning to think "what if one flew..."...and just then it of the sheets started to shake really hard and then it off flying and started drifting towards my car...there were cars behind me and besides me, there was no way I could change lanes...and couldn't slow down either...and before i knew it, the damn sheet hit my car on the right side vew mirror and scrapped the body as well...the thud was very loud and I was very glad for the tough body a corolla has, for the car kept going on smoothly...but the truck drive noticed this happening and very conveniently and covertly took the next exit out of the highway....i was too shocked and angry to respond to this, so neither did i get his license plate number nor did i follow him...the damage to the car is estimated @ 1600...and since i say estimated u very well know that I haven't yet gotten it fixed (queen of procrastination ;) )

so what ensues now is this infinite fear of miscreant flying objects on the road for me. Any little flying object I see, like a busted tire casing, a plastic bad, a rock, a pebble anything, I pray to God it doesn't come hit me...this fear is so bad that once I saw a plastic bag floating in the air on the highway, and it was right in my path, i quickly moved to another lane, to avoid it, for the image that came to me was, it getting stuck on the wind screen and blinding my vision of the road.

Maybe this fear is irrational, maybe I hallucinate the worst, but it's here to stay for a little bit for sure...I am scared beyond imagination of the things I see floating on the day I hope to get over this and drive fearlessly...

Monday, August 28, 2006

This weekend was superb for two reasons:
1. MASUM's performance was their best yet.
2. We bought our living room furniture!!!!

I have been asked to write abt my furniture buying experience in detail, but that I'll do in another post, here I want to talk about the lovely concert we got to attend this Sunday, 27th Aug. 2006.

Sameer and Mudassar are these very talented, superbly gifted friends I have from school, they have a band which goes by the name MASUM Mudi writes the songs that these guys play...the songs are so well written that when you read the lines, you are very curious to know how the song will shape up and I think thus far they have some 7-8 self composed songs, and each is a unique piece which talks about a different experience of life or a different emotion.

So when they opened this past Sunday, for Indian Ocean , I was very excited to see how they would play, because this was at a much larger scale and the expectations were so high, and Sameer had told me that they would play a song I hadn't heard before!!!! So they came up on stage and I could see Sameer was nervous, and Mudi was excited! It was soooo good to see them on stage again, they performed with panache, there were a few sound problems, which Sam told me only later...but to me it sounded impeccable and I could hear so many people in the crowd singing along with people actually remembered there songs, when they donot have a single CD out yet!...
"Jab se.." their new song is really nice..very nice words and the music is really something else!!!...

Pavel, their lead guitarist is a magician with the guitar and his trademark act of coming down to the audience and playing it, is truly a splendid gesture...The show was perfect...I loved it...

I got to see Mudi only for about 2 mins...and that is really sad...Mudi come down to what Sam said in his blog we really miss you here....

All the best MASUM for the guys are sure going to be one of the bestest bands around!!!....

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Two people who bug me!

I really enjoy my workplace, it's a fun environment, it's got windows!!, the people in my immediate contact are all super fun to talk to and we have very nice discussions about things that interest us...

But there are these two people in my office, whose manners irritate me sometimes. One is this guy, who normally walks up to my boss, and his way of motivating him to achieve more or to tell him that he expects a lot from him is his saying things like:
1. "What glorious things have u achieved today?"
2. "Are you ready to conquer the world yet?"
3. "So what's the latest and the greatest?"
4. "How is the brainy side of the building doing today?"

Now he is a wonderful guy and he always praises any of us who do a good job, but this nature of his, walking into the office and saying something like this, makes me grit my teeth and get irritated with this show of confidence and intense must be well meant and my boss doesnt even seem to mind it...but it gets to me. Though I can never muster the courage to say anything to him about this and though it is never said it me, it still bothers me no end!

The other person is this guy who joined the company some months back...he's a real weirdo...if you bump into him in the corridor and u great him with anything, a smile, a "hi", a "how are you today"...he'll look your way (so u know you weren't talking to yourself)...but he'll not give any indication of having heard you, not a nod, a smile or his step also doesn't falter! It is sooo can he just do this day in and day out...and i used to think it's just me he despises..but to my pleasure(?) i came to know he does this to all and sundry! He's an ok guy otherwise, he'll talk and make fun and interact when we all meet for company lunches, runs etc but meet him in the office, he'll ignore you like you didn't exist!

I have done crazee things too, like ignore people I am not too fond of; coz of my shyness, ill wait for people to say hi and then yeah i am weird in that way...but...i dont make a habit out of it! what, do i?

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Shopping - How i detest it!

I have always been of those people who will go shopping only if I know where what i want is available, and go to that particular shop, and pay for it and come back. And there was no exception to the rule, be it clothes, cosmetics, electronics or even gorcery. No looking around in other shops or do the "window" shopping. And more so I will go to a mall only when I know I have to buy something, else...why should anyone in their right minds go to a mall...WHY...

Now this is how I had known myself to be...untill I discovered the joy of decorating one's's one form of expressing oneself that is so different and is not bound by rules, punctuation marks, syntax rules and what have you. You have the run of the house, you can pick the hue you want, the design you think will soothe you, the texture you think will feel good and just run amok with ideas and vissions.

Now I see myself looking at catalogues of furniture stores, kitchen supplies, furnishings and all that jazz...and I am really lookign forward to window shop!!! Is this really me...or am I being overtaken by a force I dont reckon, but it is over-powering me...

Naeh, relax now...nothing like that is happening to me, I realise that the only kind of shopping I like is the "art" kind, where in I can mix and match my ideas, pick up different colors, where i can let my heart rule over my brain ...

I am super excited that I will be going this weekend to look for furniture, kitchen ware...god bless my wallet!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

My Wedding!!!

My family and my Husband's family planned a wedding in 5 days!!!!!
Yes and it was complete with Priest, Wedding clothes, guest lists, reception, flowers, food, music and everything one can think of and one cant.

On 31st July, 2006, our parents decided that Gourav and I should be joined in holy wedlock...on Sunday, 6th August!!!!! yes, 5 days we had to plan and do everything! And Gourav had ot fly to Kansas City on 1st for he had some prior commitments, which he couldn't get out of!

So for the next 4 days, my Dad and me, looked for a temple, a priest, my jewelry, his jewelry, caterer, reception hall (this was solely Gourav's fort), guest list, accommodation for guests flying from outside...every thing was planned, my mom , cousins and gourav's family chipped in with all their help and support!

On sat, 5th of August, my sister and BiL came back from London, where they had been vacationing, my Mom flew down from Nigeria and then mayhem broke loose!!! Literally...we have this ceremony where turmeric powder is smeared on my hands, legs and face so i look beautiful and radiant...:) that was done...then my mom's side of the family is supposed to congratulate us for the wedding, and this is done by giving us all gifts, so this was done. then it was time to get ready for an engagement ceremony....where in gourav's parents and him would come to our house and he and i would exchange rings...Meanwhile...2 of my cousins from California and 1 of my Dad's friends flew down from Atlanta...Now it looked super festive!

Later that evening, mehndi (henna) was put on my hands and feet by my cousin and friends, it looks really pretty even now! I really dislike henna...i dont lk the smell or the look of it on my hands...and this is the first time i actually got it done....but it is actually quiet pretty (i hate to admit this)!!!

we danced a wee bit on sat...then came sunday...we woke up at 6 so that we could all get ready there were some 15 people who had to use 3 bathrooms!!!! the wedding ceremony was for 10 am and we did manage to reach there on first we had the ceremony, where in my co-workers, Chad (my boss), Jeff (VP of IT) and Jeremy and Naren my colleagues came to attend the wedding, along with my bestest friends Anu, Sameer, Shahid, Rama, Giri, Preetha, was a delight to see them all...and Gourav's friends too! I had to wear this super heavy Garland, and then another saree was drapped around me apart from the already HEAVY outfit i was wearing! I think I would have fainted, had the garland not been removed!!!!

Then after getting blessings from the Gods in the temple, we went for the reception, this was at the "Marriott Solana"'s a very beautiful hotel built far from the city. This was something else completely, my friends Sameer and Anu along with my dad and mom in-law had made sure that the cake was beautiful and delicious, the banquet hall was decked up in flowers and beautiful napkins and was breath here we went around meeting friends and family and then some of my friends and Sister toasted was wonderful to know that so many people thought so fondly of me! Then Gourav and I cut the cake and the lunch was served...the bestest part was Sameer's band Masum, sings this song I love, "tumhari yadein (your memories)"...I luckily had a CD for the music in my car, which Sam got and then he sang the song for me....i was ecstasic! and then Gourav and I danced to some other music...and the magical evening drew to a was heart rendering to watch my parents and family leave...but this was the beginning of a new life for us...a new chapter was to begin and it had been heralded with all my loved ones with me.

People I missed:
1. Anurag and Saujanya (my support system for the last 2.5 years)
2. Rajat Maru (he was my brick in under grad years)
3. Ritu and Sumit (my childhood bum-chums)
4. All my family in India...this brings tears to me...

And ofcouse Gourav's Brother and Sis in Law...

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Hollywood has just crossed the line...

"Cute-as-a-button child star Dakota Fanning, who turned 12 in February, is venturing into sexually disturbing territory in a movie being filmed in North Carolina.

The screenplay for "Hounddog" - a dark story of abuse, violence and Elvis Presley adulation in the rural South, written and directed by Deborah Kampmeier - calls for Fanning's character to be raped in one explicit scene and to appear naked or clad only in "underpants" in several other horrifying moments.

Fanning's mother, Joy, and her Hollywood agent, Cindy Osbrink, see the movie as a possible Oscar vehicle for the pint-size star."

I cannot for the life of me imagine to what grotesque levels is Hollywood going to go to...this by far is the most inhuman, insensitive, greedy, ridiculous thing I have heard in recent times.

I don't have anything against Nudity, it's upto the actors and the movie makers, to deal with it, but there has to be a starting point and for me 21 would seem appropriate, definitely not 12....

I don't care about Oscars, about art, about the form of expression, this is plain despicable. A 12 year old prancing around nude is not any form of art, how can a Mother allow that, how can she take pride in this and will she sit in this kind of a movie, what about the Dad, what about me...I cant sit through this uncouth drama of child abuse...nothing justices this, Oscar or no Oscar, every person in their right minds, I think, should condemn this and make the makers, actors, parents and everyone and anyone associated with this movie not show the rape scenes.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Silver Lining...

On 11th July 2006, 7 blasts rocked Bombay ( I prefer to refer to Mumbai by it's old name)...they went off within a span of 5 minutes and they were strategically placed in local trains, these which form the lifeline of the commom man in Bombay.
I was completely shattered out of my wits! I have a bunch of friends who come from Bombay...and I got panic striken for the safety of their families and their loved ones...this is the second most heinous incident on the city, after the 1993 Bomb blasts...

From everything that I have read in the news, I am very very impressed with the way the Bomaby-walas (Bombay people) responded to the situation, people went out of their way to take care of the wounded or the dead. Police came in later, the citizens did their bit first, water, first aid, food, shelter everything and anything possible by these people was gives me shivers to think that India is united! no matter what the news reports matter how the situation seems from the outside, my country rocks and this city has set an example for the rest of the country!

But what is even better or as i see the best part...Hindus have not retaliated...they hv not come up in arms like they did after Godhra. It is a new feeling of being united, of being calm and responsible that I see...I cannot say this feeling will last but I am very happy that this once the Hindus (I am probably politically incorrect in saying it like this...) have not gone about killing innocent people from the other community, who they think are responsible for this crime. I am amazed as to where has this feeling of tolerance come about in Indians...
I am proud that they hv shown restraint and I am praying that this new wave of respect for all continues...

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Anyone who knows me well enough knows abt my fascination for google and google products (i even have a google - cap)

Now today something amazing google did for me....
Super Cool

Love all googlers!!!....

Sunday, July 16, 2006

You can call me Meg...

I was having an interesting conversation with a friend a few days back...and he accused me of having "I wanna be American Syndrome" ...his ref. was my being comfortable with people referring to me as Meg and not Megha...

Let me be very frank here and explain a few things...I am a person who truly believes in "When in Rome be like Romans"...and this has nothing to do with wanting to fit in or being a part of the crowd...I only believe in this because I am in a land which is not mine, who's rules I didn't make and which I have adopted as my home for the time for the sake of the people who are it's righteous owners and inhabitants, I think it's only fair to follow their rules and I mind my ways a little so that "they" dont feel uncomfortable around me...

And one of these things is that, my collegues find it easier to call me "Meg" than "Megha"...and I dont object to it, coz it doesnt change my identity in any way..."what's in a name".

I think if i really fit the bill of a "wanna be" American, I would prefer American ideology to e'thing else...and I dont do that....

Friday, July 14, 2006

My company's moto is:

Who will you make feel better today...

I always read it as:

Who will make YOU feel better today


Thursday, July 13, 2006

Motion Sickness...

In the "about me" section I have written about my motion sickness problem...
So let me describe it...when I am traveling, it could really be any form of travel, like air, sea or even road - only closed means here though like cars, busses and such, not 2 wheelers!!...BTW...i love 2-wheelers like the kinetic honda and the scooters in India...motor bikes scare me US atleast..i always say a silent prayer whenever i see a motorist pass by me on the highways here...So back to my whenever i travel by air, the moment the aircraft experiences any turbulence which causes the plane to wobble and possible change in tummy begins to wobble too...i get a queasy feeling in my stomach, my head begins to hurt in the back...where the medula oblongata is (i dont know this...i am just using this one term from biology i really like ;)) but the back of my head starts to hurt and my tummy begins to prevent all this...i take perinom and such..but nothing helps...and i end up vomiting ...and all the content of my tummy will be in a bag...(very gross this sounds )...
so this time when i traveled...there was this couple (aged abt 30 years old)..sitting next to me in the a little bit the plane started to experience some turbulence and my situation got pathetic...i sat with a bag to my mouth and i kept puking everything out...i was in so much agony I cant describe it. Right then if someone saw how much misery I was one would find it funny...except for my fellow passengers then...they started to snigger and laugh at my condition...and I cannot say that they were juvenile teens who cud care less...but these were people, I expected mature enough, who I expected would if not sympathize atleast not poke fun at me.

If someone makes fun of this condition of mine I am completely fine with it...I also laugh it off...infact I have always done that...but not when I am in sooo much misery...not when I feel like the whole world is revolving around me, when all I want is stable land below my feet...I wasn't hurt or anything when they poked fun at me...I just was very angry that people are so careless...and I dont want their care either...but ignorance to the other's apathy wud be completely justified too ...

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


So miss Anoo has tagged me and thus comes this post....

Well I am not too sure if I have any idiosyncrasies but I think I do know of a few things that nag me sometimes...

1. I cannot leave my bathroom untidy ever, It has to always be clean, esp. there should be no stray strands of hair anywhere...I don't know why this is so, but it is!

2. I hate scribbling in my books, and if ever need be, it has to be with a pencil, if someone scribbles with a pen, it turns me off sooo much!

3. I am a list-addict. I love to make lists for everything, be it a lunch/dinner I plan, a trip, some wkend chores...anything....I have to make lists...even my TODO list for the day has to be made @ work!

I cant think of anything else...I have racked my brains, looked in the crevices there, and cant find anything that wud point to any erratic behaviour or actually a pattern ;)
Continuing the chain:

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

In an earlier post, I wrote about my talentlessness. I think I know what my state is, it is not lack of talent...It is the incapableness in me to learn any one thing in its entirety, I give up before I have learnt it all...

for instance when I started to learn kathak( N.Indian dance form) I learnt for 5 years, took 2 exams and 1 more exam wud've earned me a degree, I used to really enjoy dancing, but gave up...then painting, i learnt sketching, coloring with water colors, pastels, the last leg was oil painting and I gave up right then...I used to love playing Volley Ball in school, but the moment I got out of school, I gave up on that too...Swimming, once I got comfortable in the water, and could splash around, I didn't hv the urge to go into the deep or to learn different strokes...

so many more instances cloud my mind when I have given up things half way or half done...

does this mean I am an escapist? I don't think so, cause I never run away from my problems, I will always face them, I will always face the enemy and make sure that I have said what it is I wanted to say, I give all job interviews seriously, unless it's a company I don't care about, I read a book cover to cover, never leave it half given all this, am I an escapist I wonder....

or am I plain lazy...And if the things I have learnt to do had faster results I would enjoy doing them more or finish them...In essence nothing can be learnt in totality, but there is a point in time when one can say that given the circumstances and the resources available, I have learnt all that I could...

do I yearn for appreciation of my work to actually want to practice it? I don't think even that is true, for I have been appreciated for my painting prowess in the past, but I still haven't found the encouragement to learn more and do more...though i have been debating with the idea of joining oil painting classes for soem time now...and i will probably take it up soon...

so I am still wondering how my mind works, what is it that stops me from learning more, from completing a my public fright so powerful that it surpasses e'thing else? it so difficult for me to accept the fact that I can actually do something that might not seem very creative or beautiful to the beholder but it is still wonderful for I conceived I don't think so, I do a lot of things for my own satisfactions and pleasure, for my peace and happiness....

so I am still thinking how this warped brain works....And there is so much more thinking yet to do....

Monday, July 03, 2006

When God started listening to me again...

I am convinced that during the NBA finals, there was something for which God was ticked off with me, so he wouldn't listen to my prayers, and mavs lost, then he decided to not listen to me when the indian cricket lost 3 matches in WI which it had *almost* won, in this case though, Indian team was the biggest factor in India's loss and no matter how much i prayed or ranted and raved, nothing would matter! Finally Brazil I dont really have any afinity for Brazil, but the thing is I wanted a Brazil-Germany Final. I just wanted to see the bestest 2 teams to play like they have never played to win the cup, and it was Germany i was doubting all this while and not Brazil, if they would make it to the finals...but guess what happens...Brazil looses to France!!! So that was the point when God decided that enough damage had been done to my faith...well not really..but he decided that he would get back to being nice to me...

And so despite the sad show by Indian batsmen, except for Dravid, and the very bad pitch, he made sure that Dravid's little heroic show and my prayers would be acknowledged! And yipeee...India won the match..and this also got India to win the series...after 35 years India won a series in WI!!! lots to cheer about there...right!

Now today is Monday, it's 3rd July and tomorrow is US' Independence day, it's a holiday...yeawwwwwwwww....fireworks and nice little parades will be the other of the day...i like the feeling of patriotism that is on display on this day every makes me yearn for my country...

I tried my hand at tennis for about 5-10 mins y'day! it was amazing...i like how i keep using my wrist when I am not supposed to, I hv to tell meself It is not badminton!!! I want to learn it...hopefully my friends will bear with me in this neew adventure that I want to embark on!!!...

This wkend made me realise something really important, I love my friends in Dallas...and I dont want to leave them for anything...So God here is another prayer..

Dont make me take any decisions in the future - near or far - when i might have to say good bye to these friends - so dear to me....

Monday, June 26, 2006

I have no voice for singing,
I know I cannot preach,
I have go gift for music,
I know I cannot teach...

I have alot of friends who are very talented, some sing so well that they have a band of their own, some dance very well - they have dance groups and organize shows, some write beautifully, some have a flair with the brush...

So as i was having a chat with a friend, who himself is musically gifted!...i thought out aloud, how untalented I am....I cant sing to save my life, i learnt Kathak(an indian dance form, from North of India) for 5 years..but it was aeons ago and now i can only appreciate dance...i hv 2 left feet i feel most of the times, i love to's a wonderful form of expression and i would like to learn some more...i tried my hand at pottery once...but never could pursue what am i left with..i dont think anything!

What makes a person talented? is it when they excel at something, when their work is appreciated by all...when their creation receives recognition? It's probably a mix of all this...

My parents, esp. my mom has always been keen to make me learn new things, be it crafts, knitting, music, dance, painting, pottery...she has definitely tried to make me learn...but i hv never been able to do justice to the training i have received...never been able to appreciate the time and energy that was devoted to make me learn these things...

so i wonder what it is that i am good at...if not the obvious things...there has to be something i can do...
after alot of deliberation, i realised i am I am one of those people who is just about mediocre in some things, but is really not a master at anything at all...
it's alright, i dont mind being like this, I am not a perfectionist, but it would be nice to have something which I could proudly say, yes I can do this, for I know I am good at it!....

Sunday, June 25, 2006

The Weekend - Kennedy and the Strings concert

This weekend was rather eventful, it started with a fun desi party on friday. On saturday a bunch of us went to downtown Dallas, now we always do this in the wk-end and no restaurant is ever open in the day, and there aren't any interesting people maybe the best thing would be to explore the downtown on a wk-day by taking a holiday!

we went to "The Museum on the Sixth Floor" which is the place from where Kennedy was assassinated. When I was going there I was excited because museums, history always interest me....but on reaching there...i was struck with this feeling of melancholy and extreme sadness. There were exhibits of Kennedy's life when he was sworn in as president, how he performed while in office, his charisma that so appealed to people...
then came the exhibits on how he was assasinated. How Oswald hid in the same place where we walked at that was very depressing to be made to feel the same thing which a million people felt on that day....

i have realised that though i am intrigued by history and famous figures, but I dont want to face the reality of's a very sad thing and it makes me reminisce moments in my life which have given me the same unpleasant feeling of helplessness to that force that we all know exisits but are not able to reckon with....

The better part of Saturday was the Strings concert, it was at the Irving Arts Center, and it was supposed to start at 8, but eventually began at 9:20...!!! yes it was that late!
Strings is a very talented band, it consists of Bilal Maqsood (guitarist and vlocalist) and Fiasal Kapadia (Lead vocalist). They are a very dynamic duo and Faisal has amazing stage pressence and the ability to entertain the crowd. They sang all famous numbers from Dhaani and other songs (some i hadn't heard before)...the best part being that they even engaged the indian audience...knowing how we might feel alienated in a pakistani crowd. It was a super show which ended with us taking pictures and autographs!

The band, Bilal and Faisal

This pic is us with Bilal and Faisal

It was a wonderful experience, one I would love to have again...and it's only thanks to Sameer and Mudi (my 2 very talented friends who have a band called Masum)....and I am in awe of this band...

England is playing really well and so is Argentina, I feel bad for Mexico...but it's elimination round now...all is at stake now...

Friday, June 23, 2006

Have some respect please!

As i was driving to work today morning, i was listening to Kidd Kradick In The Morning (106.1 FM) and Kidd, one of the hosts of the show,after whom the show is named, started to talk about Soccer and the ongoing World Cup, he seemed really pissed that Americans aren't appreciative of such a world (for once world is not just N.America!) famous game! And then he went on to say that he was sad that America lost to Ghana, and then the Kellie (co-host on the show) said, Ghana sounds like a disease's name!

I was mortified, I couldn't believe that she had something so outrageous about the name of a country! Americans are supposed to be real patriots, if that is right then how come they dont value the sentiments of a person with a different nationality? Any person who belongs to Ghana and heard that being said on air, would have found it very disgusting.

So i am not residing in my country of birth, the country that has made me the individual I am today, given me the moral values, the religion, the faith, the respect,the food...and everything I am . I am a proud Indian, yes very desi...

So today when i heard these jokes on Ghana, I wondered if someone said something like that about India to me, I would probably go balistic, I might crib all the time that India doesnt have this, doesn't care about this ...blah..blah...but the fact remains I love my country and no matter what other people think of it (land of snake charmers, land of hot spices, land taking away all jobs...!)...i dont care, coz yes it had snake charmers, can u charm snakes? it was the biggest producer of spices, and yes all jobs go to india,'s more talented, more enterprising and inexpensive!....

I donot like people who belittle other people's belief or faith or even country, it's none of your business...dont say things that are mean and derogatory please!
I have respect for every country, so you also please respect mine!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

My car buying experience....

On friday, June 16th, my (now old car) Mazda 626, decided to play some more tricks with me, by this time it had already debunked the OD gear, it was just a switch that didnt work in my car, the left wheel was dangling on tenter hooks, but now it decided the rear gear was redundant too...when megha has friends who can push the car back, why hv this extra gear....
so i was in the starbucks parkign lot and i am making a herculean effort to come out of the parking lot..and it is embarassing..and e'one starting at me (the general thought probably was, why is she accelerating her car when she is trying to reverse, maybe she doesnt know abt the concept of a hand - break)....
so after praying, promising god that i will be nice to all and sundry come waht may if he just lets me get out of there...and what looked lk a whole 10 mins, i got out of the lot....i was sweating, not coz it was hot, but coz i was so mad with the state of the car and the embarassment i had to endure...

sat morning comes and i drag shahid to paul's (mechanic) shop...and i am told by a very sympatheitc paul that i would be better off getting another car, the transmission on this car was kaput!

so i come to the the choice was between corolla or civic, i was more inclined towards the corolla coz of the mileage, it was cheaper and coz my dad and i wud not fight if i bought this!!! seriously..he bought a corolla not 1 month back...and he wants me to do the same!!! shahid and i go to "toyota of irving" and look at the corolla LX and CE..the difference b/w the two in standard package, all this is incl. in LX:
1.uni color in LX
2. cruise control
3. power packgae
4. wood look front panel

but the salesman (charles bui) shows me a CE with power package and cruise ctrl for 16,625
now shahid and i go to his office and the haggling begins...
shahid was the sweetest person guy ever...he bargained, gave every possible reason as to why we shud be given a better deal...and finally after what seemed lk 2 hours we reach a price 14,225...and shahid leaves to pick his taurus (cudnt resist this...he actually owns an infinit, but it's the J30 and it looks lk a tauras more than lk an infiniti) from the mechanic...and then i commit a blunder...the manager comes and tells me they cant do that price and tells me 14,725 it'll be...i do some math in my head and say ok....nwo shahid is back and he starts to tell them that this is not good..and they say i agreed to it...i was mortified...i had done something soooo stupid!...i felt so bad for shahid...but nothign cud be we settled @ 14,625 + tax and title...and after signing a zillion papers..i walk err sorry drive out with a brand new corolla, silver, 2006 and it's super cool!

i love my new "silver bullet" as anu calls it...and it's super...

thank u shahid...or mastah as he is popularly known...I OWE U BIG TIME FOR THIS!!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Yesterday was the mavs game 6 against Heats in the NBA finals, the mavs were 2-3 and needed to win this game to push for a game 7.

in the morning i was on the mavs website and i saw this tix raffle for game 7 if there was one...and i told all my friends to sign up too..since i am an eternal optimist, when it comes to others atleast :D

game starts and mavs are giving miami a taste of dallas heat!...but by 2nd quarter, heats have touched base with their game again...
it was sooo close, yet so far...not one mav palyed well, dirk was out of steam, terry, stackhouse were making no effort...i dont know the game too well, but i do know when there is effort and when there is not, it was a lack lusture performace by dallas...

it left us all very very sad..and mad...i think Wade is super cool...and shaq even gives mean vibes....

but in the end, the team playing better won, not the better team.

what sucks is the passion that this game had brought abt in us..there is so little going on these days that one can get passionate abt, indians drew 2 tests in WI and then mavs played lk will brazil also loose to england/germany?

i do hope something good comes across this week, maybe the next cricket season...

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Bombay Dreams

So Kapila and I went for Bombay Dreamz!
it was at the Music Hall At Fair Park in Dallas, the theater/hall is very's HUGE and the architecture is pretty neat's got a very modern feel inside and a medieval look on the outside.

so after quickly 2 hurried pics outside the hall...(desi BIG TIME)..kapila and i go inside and find our seats....and the play starts with a huge screen hung on the stage, with the popular
"shakala baby" playing on it....

the play is a story of a boy who lives in the slums in bombay and how he becomes a star and how he changes then....i dont want to tell u the whole story coz i want all of u to go see the play....the performances by the male protagonist, Sachin Bhatt and the female lead played by Reshma Shetty leave u with a sour taste in your mouth, but this other lady, sandra Allen who plays an estb. actreess in bollywood, is brilliant.
here's why u shud go....
it has amazing props...the back drops are so really looked lk we were in a chawl in bombay when the slums were shown...when the ms. india contest is did feel lk the backstage of a beauty pageant....when the wedding scene came was sooooooooo
colorful and beautiful....and so typical!
and then the choreography.....sooooo many jhatakas and such....wonderful...and it's not by shaimak davar (sp?)'s some american music needs no telling....we hv all heard the catchy "shakala baby"...but the other songs/compositions are equally catchy and they
are based on popular film songs from india....
so all in was a super night out....

now when u guys go pl dont get seats in the back...that will not be fun @ has to sit in the front...
kapila was lucky and she got us the $35...balcony when u guys start to book seats....we will be happy to tell u what is gg to
be good and what not so good...:)