Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Bombay Dreams

So Kapila and I went for Bombay Dreamz!
it was at the Music Hall At Fair Park in Dallas, the theater/hall is very's HUGE and the architecture is pretty neat's got a very modern feel inside and a medieval look on the outside.

so after quickly 2 hurried pics outside the hall...(desi BIG TIME)..kapila and i go inside and find our seats....and the play starts with a huge screen hung on the stage, with the popular
"shakala baby" playing on it....

the play is a story of a boy who lives in the slums in bombay and how he becomes a star and how he changes then....i dont want to tell u the whole story coz i want all of u to go see the play....the performances by the male protagonist, Sachin Bhatt and the female lead played by Reshma Shetty leave u with a sour taste in your mouth, but this other lady, sandra Allen who plays an estb. actreess in bollywood, is brilliant.
here's why u shud go....
it has amazing props...the back drops are so really looked lk we were in a chawl in bombay when the slums were shown...when the ms. india contest is did feel lk the backstage of a beauty pageant....when the wedding scene came was sooooooooo
colorful and beautiful....and so typical!
and then the choreography.....sooooo many jhatakas and such....wonderful...and it's not by shaimak davar (sp?)'s some american music needs no telling....we hv all heard the catchy "shakala baby"...but the other songs/compositions are equally catchy and they
are based on popular film songs from india....
so all in was a super night out....

now when u guys go pl dont get seats in the back...that will not be fun @ has to sit in the front...
kapila was lucky and she got us the $35...balcony when u guys start to book seats....we will be happy to tell u what is gg to
be good and what not so good...:)


  1. hey.. nice one.. i have been waitin on doin my website i know it sounds funny with my name it..

  2. Megha Bansal
    Megha Bansal

    Nice blog
    Nice Blog

    I like the name of your blog too...

  3. nice write up dudette.

  4. J-Dogg12:32 PM

    wow, sounds desi like crazy! i love a good chawl set, makes the scene so, i don't know, realistic. it's been sooooo long since i've seen good jhatakas. u really make me wanna see this play! as for "shakala baby", don't get me started...

  5. whats with the name repetition...repetition... repetition....

    damn i think its the megha effect..effect..

    Nice blog...


  6. j-dogg, u must go see the play, if u still can, it's not playing anymore in dallas....
    heheeh shakalaka baby is really cool!

    i do wish i cud've seen the london show
    which other musicials hv u seen?

  7. priyavadan, u got to see anu and sammy "chant" my name that's super!

  8. J-Dogg3:33 PM

    megha - i've seen only two plays: "anne of green gables" (a hack low end three man act) and some damn stupid modern play with no plot and lots of wierd stuff. blah. i'd like to see a good play sometime.

  9. j-dogg, do u hv a blog of ur own?

    i might go see les mesrable, if i can convince some frnds of mine :)

  10. J-Dogg12:25 PM

    megha, no i don't have a blog but i thought i might use the comments for your blog since its easier than getting a blog if that's ok with you.

  11. j-dogg sure it's ok!
    no worries.