Thursday, June 22, 2006

My car buying experience....

On friday, June 16th, my (now old car) Mazda 626, decided to play some more tricks with me, by this time it had already debunked the OD gear, it was just a switch that didnt work in my car, the left wheel was dangling on tenter hooks, but now it decided the rear gear was redundant too...when megha has friends who can push the car back, why hv this extra gear....
so i was in the starbucks parkign lot and i am making a herculean effort to come out of the parking lot..and it is embarassing..and e'one starting at me (the general thought probably was, why is she accelerating her car when she is trying to reverse, maybe she doesnt know abt the concept of a hand - break)....
so after praying, promising god that i will be nice to all and sundry come waht may if he just lets me get out of there...and what looked lk a whole 10 mins, i got out of the lot....i was sweating, not coz it was hot, but coz i was so mad with the state of the car and the embarassment i had to endure...

sat morning comes and i drag shahid to paul's (mechanic) shop...and i am told by a very sympatheitc paul that i would be better off getting another car, the transmission on this car was kaput!

so i come to the the choice was between corolla or civic, i was more inclined towards the corolla coz of the mileage, it was cheaper and coz my dad and i wud not fight if i bought this!!! seriously..he bought a corolla not 1 month back...and he wants me to do the same!!! shahid and i go to "toyota of irving" and look at the corolla LX and CE..the difference b/w the two in standard package, all this is incl. in LX:
1.uni color in LX
2. cruise control
3. power packgae
4. wood look front panel

but the salesman (charles bui) shows me a CE with power package and cruise ctrl for 16,625
now shahid and i go to his office and the haggling begins...
shahid was the sweetest person guy ever...he bargained, gave every possible reason as to why we shud be given a better deal...and finally after what seemed lk 2 hours we reach a price 14,225...and shahid leaves to pick his taurus (cudnt resist this...he actually owns an infinit, but it's the J30 and it looks lk a tauras more than lk an infiniti) from the mechanic...and then i commit a blunder...the manager comes and tells me they cant do that price and tells me 14,725 it'll be...i do some math in my head and say ok....nwo shahid is back and he starts to tell them that this is not good..and they say i agreed to it...i was mortified...i had done something soooo stupid!...i felt so bad for shahid...but nothign cud be we settled @ 14,625 + tax and title...and after signing a zillion papers..i walk err sorry drive out with a brand new corolla, silver, 2006 and it's super cool!

i love my new "silver bullet" as anu calls it...and it's super...

thank u shahid...or mastah as he is popularly known...I OWE U BIG TIME FOR THIS!!

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  1. Shahid12:54 PM

    "and shahid leaves to pick his tauras (cudnt resist this...he actually owns an infinit, but it's the J30 and it looks lk a tauras more than lk a infiniti)"
    I RESENT THAT... it is not a taurus ...its a beautiful Infi J30 Touring ....!! but keep up the bloggin'!