Friday, June 23, 2006

Have some respect please!

As i was driving to work today morning, i was listening to Kidd Kradick In The Morning (106.1 FM) and Kidd, one of the hosts of the show,after whom the show is named, started to talk about Soccer and the ongoing World Cup, he seemed really pissed that Americans aren't appreciative of such a world (for once world is not just N.America!) famous game! And then he went on to say that he was sad that America lost to Ghana, and then the Kellie (co-host on the show) said, Ghana sounds like a disease's name!

I was mortified, I couldn't believe that she had something so outrageous about the name of a country! Americans are supposed to be real patriots, if that is right then how come they dont value the sentiments of a person with a different nationality? Any person who belongs to Ghana and heard that being said on air, would have found it very disgusting.

So i am not residing in my country of birth, the country that has made me the individual I am today, given me the moral values, the religion, the faith, the respect,the food...and everything I am . I am a proud Indian, yes very desi...

So today when i heard these jokes on Ghana, I wondered if someone said something like that about India to me, I would probably go balistic, I might crib all the time that India doesnt have this, doesn't care about this ...blah..blah...but the fact remains I love my country and no matter what other people think of it (land of snake charmers, land of hot spices, land taking away all jobs...!)...i dont care, coz yes it had snake charmers, can u charm snakes? it was the biggest producer of spices, and yes all jobs go to india,'s more talented, more enterprising and inexpensive!....

I donot like people who belittle other people's belief or faith or even country, it's none of your business...dont say things that are mean and derogatory please!
I have respect for every country, so you also please respect mine!


  1. Arjit B3:54 PM

    I totally agree with u megha, but 1 things for sure, these americans can only show-off, they dont have anything with them!!
    its bad that a country which has progressed so much doesnt have any self-respect!

  2. well, it's not lk they dont hv self respect, but yes so many of them dont know where africa is, that it is a continent, had brad-angelina not been there, they wudn't know...
    this "frog in the well" attitude really sucks!

    but it's ok...we came here, adopted this we gotta take it with a pinch of salt, and maybe even enlighten them what india really is!

  3. WTG Megs...

    They are ignorant (putting it mildly) or plain stupid (putting it a little harshly) or they are just morons!

  4. WTG Megs...

    They are ignorant (putting it mildly) or plain stupid (putting it a little harshly) or they are just morons!

  5. @ Anu, that is true, and let's not be mild with them!

    It is time they learnt that Africa is a continent and Asia has more to it than food, spice and elephants!

  6. Anonymous5:52 PM

    or how about this? 90% so ignorant it's a shame they live in this country and 10% who make this country great!