Sunday, June 25, 2006

The Weekend - Kennedy and the Strings concert

This weekend was rather eventful, it started with a fun desi party on friday. On saturday a bunch of us went to downtown Dallas, now we always do this in the wk-end and no restaurant is ever open in the day, and there aren't any interesting people maybe the best thing would be to explore the downtown on a wk-day by taking a holiday!

we went to "The Museum on the Sixth Floor" which is the place from where Kennedy was assassinated. When I was going there I was excited because museums, history always interest me....but on reaching there...i was struck with this feeling of melancholy and extreme sadness. There were exhibits of Kennedy's life when he was sworn in as president, how he performed while in office, his charisma that so appealed to people...
then came the exhibits on how he was assasinated. How Oswald hid in the same place where we walked at that was very depressing to be made to feel the same thing which a million people felt on that day....

i have realised that though i am intrigued by history and famous figures, but I dont want to face the reality of's a very sad thing and it makes me reminisce moments in my life which have given me the same unpleasant feeling of helplessness to that force that we all know exisits but are not able to reckon with....

The better part of Saturday was the Strings concert, it was at the Irving Arts Center, and it was supposed to start at 8, but eventually began at 9:20...!!! yes it was that late!
Strings is a very talented band, it consists of Bilal Maqsood (guitarist and vlocalist) and Fiasal Kapadia (Lead vocalist). They are a very dynamic duo and Faisal has amazing stage pressence and the ability to entertain the crowd. They sang all famous numbers from Dhaani and other songs (some i hadn't heard before)...the best part being that they even engaged the indian audience...knowing how we might feel alienated in a pakistani crowd. It was a super show which ended with us taking pictures and autographs!

The band, Bilal and Faisal

This pic is us with Bilal and Faisal

It was a wonderful experience, one I would love to have again...and it's only thanks to Sameer and Mudi (my 2 very talented friends who have a band called Masum)....and I am in awe of this band...

England is playing really well and so is Argentina, I feel bad for Mexico...but it's elimination round now...all is at stake now...


  1. nice writeup meg.....
    and now that u mentioned our names in it too, won't make fun of u for a few days :p

  2. liked your virtual space...wud hav loved to listen strings live.

  3. Rajat Maru12:52 PM

    hey...won't say u have arrived...will just say u are back...nice piece man...whatz wid all the intelligent girls in this world...another one broke into tears just bcoz she saw an original 'Monet'...overwhelming!!!

  4. Hey Rajat! thank's fun to be writing again!

    how was ur trip to the museums..i guess a tad bit teary ;)

    All intelligent girls have one thing in common....u as their friend!!!