Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Yesterday was the mavs game 6 against Heats in the NBA finals, the mavs were 2-3 and needed to win this game to push for a game 7.

in the morning i was on the mavs website and i saw this tix raffle for game 7 if there was one...and i told all my friends to sign up too..since i am an eternal optimist, when it comes to others atleast :D

game starts and mavs are giving miami a taste of dallas heat!...but by 2nd quarter, heats have touched base with their game again...
it was sooo close, yet so far...not one mav palyed well, dirk was out of steam, terry, stackhouse were making no effort...i dont know the game too well, but i do know when there is effort and when there is not, it was a lack lusture performace by dallas...

it left us all very very sad..and mad...i think Wade is super cool...and shaq even gives mean vibes....

but in the end, the team playing better won, not the better team.

what sucks is the passion that this game had brought abt in us..there is so little going on these days that one can get passionate abt, indians drew 2 tests in WI and then mavs played lk will brazil also loose to england/germany?

i do hope something good comes across this week, maybe the next cricket season...


  1. J-Dogg12:30 PM

    megha, you said "the team playing better won, not the better team" but i think the best team plays the best and if you don't play worth a damn you arn't worth a damn. i do think brazil will lose to england/germany cause the don't have the spirit this year. there's more to winning than wanting to win.

  2. no j-dogg, there is a suttle difference, mavs are a better team, they sucked but y'day, no defense, no offense...
    but i dont know too much, so ill rest my case.

    as for brazil...i think i want a nice germany-brazil final...that'll be super cool...dont ya think?

  3. J-Dogg...Mavs are far more superior than Heats...there is the TEAM spirit which is totally lacking in the Heats...thre is wade and shaq...but the whole teams plays for the MAVS! WE BELEIVE and WE WILL BE BACK

    Megs...exactly the passion we all showed yesterday was remarkable...felt like i was watching India-pak cricket game...

  4. Anonymous2:29 PM

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  5. yes's super when we get passionate abt these things...wish there was more :)

  6. Definitely, a bad performance by Mavs. But on top of that the refree was calling unreasonable fauls, I don't know there was really something wrong. Avery couldn't find a solution for WADE, that's really bad. It's not they deserve to WIN, we played bad and so they won.

  7. something is just waiting to happen and I have a feeling that it will be the test match that starts tomorrow...

    and yeah the passion was shared yesterday by every mavs fan watching the game I guess..

    as far as brazil and england/germany goes, i would still think that brazil would be a difficult team to beat..

  8. abhinay, me agrees, heats are a sucky team and yet they win.

    priyavadan, you know you might be right, maybe india's luck is about to change and thus make us all happy :)
    AMEN to that!

  9. "but in the end, the team playing better won, not the better team"...good job...usage of paradox...ur pal in JNU will be really happy

  10. hey maru, thank u, but i heard similar sentiments after the game, and i felt the same so i wrote that!

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