Saturday, December 14, 2013

Happy 4th Birthday Babies

Dear Manya and Neev.

I wanted to write a letter to  you so that when  you are older and wiser and can read more, you can read this and know how much I love you both. How much I think about you and cannot live without you.
I just dropped you off at school and I love that 99% of the times you guys love to go to school, it makes me feel good that you are happy even when you are away from home and 100% happy when we pick you up from school, happy to be back with Mummy Papa. You are generally happy kids, you like each other's company more than anything in this world. You love to play together, eat together, sing together and fight with each other the most.
Manya you are right now totally amazing me with your reading skills. You can read very well, you are really impressive. You are very curious about words and want to try and spell alot. We were out shopping the other day and you wanted a barbie doll and I didn't want to get it because well we have 4 already, and I told you this much and you said 'Yes, I don't think we want more'. Same day, you wanted another toy which was a kiddie toy and you agreed with me, I was happy that you could understand reasoning. You are not afraid of roller coasters or trying new things, you may get stuck later, but it doesn't deter you and this I love about you, because I am not like that. Now in life atleast.

Neevie, where do I start with you. Sometimes I want to have another one of you, because I can't get enough of your naughtiness and sometimes I want you to be with Daddy so I can get some time away from your naughtiness. You are super sensitive to smells. You wake up and know what you are getting for lunch and you come and tell me what you think about that particular lunch. Cannot say I like this all the time. Your puzzle skills are very impressive and I love it when both you and Manya do puzzles together, helping each other. I often hear: 'Let me show it to you'. You are becoming a fast runner and also love any ball game.

You are both into construction trucks right now and we have to slow down on roads where there are trucks so you can pin point trucks and get excited. Your enthusiasm for trucks is infectious. When I drive alone, I spot them and think how you guys would exclaim on seeing them.

You are now finding friends of your own. I notice you don't necessarily play with the same kids in school. I like this. Both of you like kids who are more playful like yourselves.

You are both slowly coming out of your shells, but Neevie you are very shy these days. I am sure in time, this will change.

You guys had a blast at your party today, we surprised you with "Jake and the Neverland Pirates" theme. That is the show you are currently obsessed with. Obsessed is not being used lightly ;)

I love you both so much. Your Papa and I are always talking about you two once you are in bed. Wish you both so much love and happiness for ever and ever. Be good always.

Lots of love

Monday, November 04, 2013

I was sick and I stayed home and worked

I am so sick and tired of people who claim to come to work 'even when I am sick'. Apparently you will look weak in the eyes of the employer if you take a sick day. What does that mean? If you are sick, you are sick. Do a favor to others around you and be home and don't come to work and spread the germs. That is how I feel and I would appreciate others to do the same. This nonsense about looking weak really irritated me. How is being sick, your fault? Why would your boss look at you and think you are weak if you have a cold?

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Diwali on my mind

Excuse the poor quality. This is what I have been upto, trying to set the table for Diwali, making besan laddos.

Plus I made kalakand (milk cake) for the first time for Diwali. It came out really well. Am quite excited about the achievement. Next up is besan ladoo.

From the kids' mouth

We were all sitting in the car, on our way somewhere, G was driving, I was with him in the front and the kids in the back. We were in the left most lane and we wanted to move over to the right lane, so G slowed down to let the truck in the right lane pass. M says with wonder 'We're going backwards!' Because you know in comparison to the truck, it would seem like we were going backwards.


 We were staying in a hotel in San Antonio this past weekend. Supposedly M liked the suite too much. On our way back from San Antonio, she asked me ...
M: Where are we going?
Me: Home.
M: New home or old Home?
Me: Which is which?
M: New home is where we slept today.
Me: Oh ok, we're going back to old home.
M: I like new home more.
Me and G : :( :(


N likes new things, well who doesn't! But between him and M, N is definitely the more 'asking for things' kid. He likes mostly cars and trains and trucks and lately really badly wants a 'big kids chashma' (he means swimming goggles). So every few days without fail : 'Mummy, you go to store and buy me a big kids chashma'. If I am not wearing shoes or not dressed to go out 'Mummy you wear shoes and kapde (clothes) and go to store and get me big kids chashma'. When in a particularly benevolent mood he'll add 'for me and M'.


 So now that we know N likes new things, we were getting pretty tired of his 'requests' for these new and shiny things, G one day sat him down and had this conversation:
G: Do you know that we need money to buy new things from the store?
N: Yes
G: Where do  you think money comes from?
N: From papa's pocket.
G: N, money comes when papa-mummy work really hard.
N: ok.
G: Papa , Mummy go to office and make money.
N: ok.

This was on a sunday, G had to go to work and left a little later. N comes up to me and says:
'Papa has gone to office to make money?'


So the kids now understand that money is needed to get things from the store.
We recently cancelled our cable subscription because we don't watch as much TV. We couldn't explain this well enough to the kids, because they started thinking the TV is broken. So when G was going out one day to run some errands, N went up to him and gave him a quarter and said 'Take this and buy a new TV'.


Monday, March 25, 2013

Falling by the wayside

That's me. I haven't blogged in 6 months now! That's because life came in the way.
So much has happened, the kids have turned 3!
We went for a much anticipated 2 week trip to India, with a 1 day stop over in Dubai.
I am almost ready to release my first mobile app in the app world (I have written 3 before this, but this is the one that will make it to the app store!)
The husband traveled for work all of Nov - Jan while the madness at his and my work continued. He's not the 'tauliya lao' type husband, so not having him around is a major set back for the kids and me, all the things I have to do when he's around makes me appreciate, everything he does, so much more! 

Working nonstop and after hours is normal now.
Kids getting books out to read and paper to write on is also normal.
Full family sitting down to eat together is not something we dream of! We've had some successful dinners.
I actually miss not being able to workout when G travels or the weather is bad. It's such a habbit now, that I feel like a lazy fat cow, since I am unable to go for camp this month.
10 more lbs would be nice, 15 ideal.
I got to see KJH's latest movie on my flight to Dubai. Which reminds me, emirates is the way to fly. The seats are comfy, the staff is sweet, the food is decent and the best part, the entertainment. They had some 150 movies to choose from, world and hollywood movies at that! Kids had all the shows they watch and I had Korean stuff. What fun!
The airline also gives strollers to use in the airport, so incase you travel without one, fear not!

We stayed at the Chunda palace in Udaipur, one of the best places I have stayed in ever. It's pretty like a palace would be and the food and views are to die for. The rooms are super luxurious. Kids got to do Camel rides and watched monkeys do their antics. All in all a very fun trip!

It's been 3 weeks since we've been back and it's been crazy. The husband's traveling again, work is stressful and home is a joy.
I hope to not be away for such a long time again, until then, keep smiling!