Monday, March 25, 2013

Falling by the wayside

That's me. I haven't blogged in 6 months now! That's because life came in the way.
So much has happened, the kids have turned 3!
We went for a much anticipated 2 week trip to India, with a 1 day stop over in Dubai.
I am almost ready to release my first mobile app in the app world (I have written 3 before this, but this is the one that will make it to the app store!)
The husband traveled for work all of Nov - Jan while the madness at his and my work continued. He's not the 'tauliya lao' type husband, so not having him around is a major set back for the kids and me, all the things I have to do when he's around makes me appreciate, everything he does, so much more! 

Working nonstop and after hours is normal now.
Kids getting books out to read and paper to write on is also normal.
Full family sitting down to eat together is not something we dream of! We've had some successful dinners.
I actually miss not being able to workout when G travels or the weather is bad. It's such a habbit now, that I feel like a lazy fat cow, since I am unable to go for camp this month.
10 more lbs would be nice, 15 ideal.
I got to see KJH's latest movie on my flight to Dubai. Which reminds me, emirates is the way to fly. The seats are comfy, the staff is sweet, the food is decent and the best part, the entertainment. They had some 150 movies to choose from, world and hollywood movies at that! Kids had all the shows they watch and I had Korean stuff. What fun!
The airline also gives strollers to use in the airport, so incase you travel without one, fear not!

We stayed at the Chunda palace in Udaipur, one of the best places I have stayed in ever. It's pretty like a palace would be and the food and views are to die for. The rooms are super luxurious. Kids got to do Camel rides and watched monkeys do their antics. All in all a very fun trip!

It's been 3 weeks since we've been back and it's been crazy. The husband's traveling again, work is stressful and home is a joy.
I hope to not be away for such a long time again, until then, keep smiling!


  1. I miss your blog!!! Pick up the pen and start writing again!!!

    and your kids...are amazing...and yes...G and you are made for each other...beautiful!!! Sarangheyo!


  2. Finally got to read this. Nice updates.
    I'm definitely flying emirates next trip !

  3. lovely blog spots. Enjoy the life of doing Fishing in Dubai