Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Being busy

I have begun to notice how a number of us always have the same answer to the question 'How are you?' Ubiquitous answer : 'BUSY'. Or answers with the word busy in it.

Why are we all so busy? Or are we really busy? Do we like it? Do we surround ourselves with so much to do and then complain that we are busy?

I think lately, the trend is to be busy. I have noticed it in my extended family and in my friends. The moment you ask them what is going on, the first thing that pops out of their mouth is 'Busy
' . And when they say it there is a glee in their eyes. And when I tell them I am fine and life is good, they are surprised by my reaction. As if expecting a completely different answer.
Some of my family members will come up and to me and ask me 'Aur kaisa chal raha hai, busy busy'? And I am very perplexed, because I am not busy really. I have a job, which maybe gets demanding sometimes, but I usually don't carry the work home. I make good use of the 8 hours I am at work. When I come home, my time is for my family and friends and the things I want to do. Cooking is a fun thing, it does not make me busy. Having kids and playing with them, bathing them, feeding them, doesn't make me busy. Having a husband and spending time with him doesn't make me busy. Exercising is a choice, it again doesn't make me busy. We love to watch movies, we make time to do. We love to go out, we make time to do it. We love our friends and family and we will make time to do it. None of these activities make us busy.
I don't understand the people who say they are always busy or have 'chores' to finish. Why is it that your life is so complicated.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

About falling sick and what matters most

The past few months have been not so nice to me health wise.
First the pregnancy, I had hyper tension through out my pregnancy and I was forced to stay home most of it, including working from home.
After that got over, heartburn took over and I had to take a few days off for tests and Dr visits.
Now it seems I have gallstones and I will again need some time off for tests and an maybe surgery.
During all this, my family, esp G and my Mom have been super duper supportive and helpful. And I cannot thank the Nanny enough, for just being there and giving me peace of mind knowing my babies were safe, at home and being fed.
But the one person I have not thanked enough is my Boss, J. He has been extremely supportive and let me do my thing - i.e. get better. I have not slacked at work, I always work around all my numerous Dr visits. But it still means a lot to the boss, because he is still answerable to people above him and my peers. I really don't know if there is that much pressure on him, but he's never made me aware of it and I really appreciate that. (We had a round of layoffs, I came out unscathed and he told me he had my back, isn't that awesome?)
Even with the kids being so small, he lets me work from home sometimes and that is the single most important thing that anyone has done for me, apart from my Mom being there to help us with the birth and the first few months of course. Being a new parent is never easy, but our world couldn't have been as comfortable as it has been had it not been for him. Once somebody had asked me what I thought of him and I had meant it then and mean it now "he's the best boss anyone could get". suck-up post this sounds like. But seriously it is not that. He doesn't know of the existence of this blog and I am not writing this to get any brownie points. I truly am very grateful to him. You totally Rock JHB.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Why not the whole shibang?

This is something which always bothers me. Should I be happy that I finally know the news? And ignore that I wasn't part of the tumultuous thought process that went into it? Or should I be mad? Because someone who calls me their best friend or the one person they cannot live without telling, wasn't informed. I know that there are things people don't want to share, but then why call me the most important person and then have these special off limit topics?
Am I wrong?
In the end, I am happy for the person of course! There is no way that I am not happy, but there is this little worm in my head that keeps telling me that I should have known from the start and not when all is happy and all smiles. I would have liked to be there for you my friend, I am not a fair weather friend, as you very well know.
If you are reading this post and you think it is you, then yes it is you! :D