Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Why not the whole shibang?

This is something which always bothers me. Should I be happy that I finally know the news? And ignore that I wasn't part of the tumultuous thought process that went into it? Or should I be mad? Because someone who calls me their best friend or the one person they cannot live without telling, wasn't informed. I know that there are things people don't want to share, but then why call me the most important person and then have these special off limit topics?
Am I wrong?
In the end, I am happy for the person of course! There is no way that I am not happy, but there is this little worm in my head that keeps telling me that I should have known from the start and not when all is happy and all smiles. I would have liked to be there for you my friend, I am not a fair weather friend, as you very well know.
If you are reading this post and you think it is you, then yes it is you! :D


  1. The cat left me a smelly present10:57 AM

    It is me, innit?
    I am sorry I haven't told you about my bad hair day, about the stupid cat that left a poop present for me and that annoying guy who sits next to me at work.

  2. P, what a jerk you are!