Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My-brother-hit-me (NOT)

On Saturday, 15th May, I am in the kitchen, G is out, the kids are in their gym. The kids are getting very mobile, pushing their way 5 inches or so :) I always lay the kids down far enough, so they don't harm each other, but it really doesn't work anymore because they move towards each other so easily.
Suddenly, I hear Manya cry very loudly. So I run to see what's happened and sure enough Neev has his chubby little hand near Manya's head, and she is bawling. I immediately put some distance between them, laughing and thinking to myself, this is where it will begin 'Mom, Neev is being mean to me'.
Fast forward to today, again both the kids are in the gym, fairly apart, and this time I am sitting and watching them perform their antics. Suddenly Manya begins to cry, Neev is far from her and I am watching and she cries for no apparent reason. That is when I think, so maybe the other day also Neev hadn't really done anything to her and she was crying for a different reason. (Sorry Neevou, I was very quick to put blame)(This time she was crying , I think, because of a heavy diaper). Who knows what had happened before.
Nehoo..the kids are getting bigger and stronger. They have been on the verge of flipping over for 2 months now, but just wont do it. Both get stuck because one arm is in their way and they cannot figure out what to do. I don't know if I should freak out or not. All other milestones are in place. I will wait for the Dr's appointment this month.
My babies will be 6 months this month, I cannot believe how fast they are growing!!!


  1. will begin the test of everything :) and I am sure you will have fun passing it :P

  2. @ anu...hehe. let's c!
    thanks for stopping by 'lifeisbetter'.