Friday, May 14, 2010

in a few years time...

..when you guys can read, you will laugh at yourselves. My little rut rags :)

Manya, you have a mind of your own, a very determined mind, mind you! (heh, i like how that sounds).
You love the mobile on your crib, you will be crying bloody murder but the moment I put you in the crib, for 2 minutes there is utter peace and quite. After having seen the mobile no less than a thousand times, it still fascinates you. For a full two minutes (and depending on my state of mind, that can very long or very short) you will be transfixed with it. It will not be moving or giving out any music, but just the hanging cats will keep you mesmerized.
And then suddenly remembering your purpose in life, you will start again.

In other occasions, when life is more settled and the purpose of life is to 'talk'. Manya will talk the ears off of the little cats hanging from her mobile. 'Umm Umm' and so on .. it's the cutest sound in the world.
You patiently lie down waiting to be swaddled, even smiling at us, when we set you down in your crib, it takes you exactly 5 minutes to get one arm and one leg out. Those 5 minutes are such fun. O, my little monster, you love to challenge your parents don't you?
You hate being on your tummy. You cry and cry, your face gets all red and you get so hot. And when you turn over, you don't realise that the misery is over, you still cry for a few minutes and then it's a funny laugh.
Manya darling ( I say it like Mona Darling)..I love you so much. I like your determined mind, always be the same, but always use it constructively ;)

Neev, you have the cutest smile :) You smile like your Dad and it makes my heart ache. I just love the gurgling laugh you laugh at no prompting at all. You laugh with your mouth open and many a times when I am on the phone with your Dad, particularly angry about something and you guys are not around, he will say to me 'think about Neev laughing with his mouth open' and it makes me smile and all is well with the world again :)
You like tummy time better than Manya, you just lie there, chilled out. You love the TV, every time you hear the TV, you crane your neck to see it. Twisting and turning just to get one glimpse. You have a very active peripheral vision, if we so much as cross it, you sense us and then want to be held. You have become very strong. If you don't want the bottle, you can flick it out of our hands. You love to 'talk' too, in your own funny and cute way, you're discovering new voices so you love to experiment.
You both can turn over now, but don't really want to do it all the time. You guys are also discovering each other and like to lie down side by side. You guys often smile at each other. Your Dad and I can watch you for hours. It's our favourite pass time. If your Dad and I are alone, guess what our favourite topic is!! :)
Happy 5th month B'day babies.

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