Monday, April 04, 2011

We are the champions...

...of the WORLD!!!!

MEN IN BLUE have done it and we are the country which has the coveted World Cup! Sachin Tendulkar finally has the one trophy that has eluded him. BIG hug and Cheers, the most adorable set of guys in uniform! (Aren't Virat and Gambhir cute?)

We screamed and we yelled and we cursed the S Lankans when they scored 100 runs in the last 10 overs. Cursed Sreesanth but fell in love with the fielding that was pretty exemplary for our team. I sat with my head in my hands when Sehwag lost his wicket. And then cried for Sachin as he walked off the field, probably the last time in a world cup match. But Gambhir! You have a permanent place in my heart, although it'll be hard to replace Dravid or Srikant, of course Sachin is irreplaceable. Why did you give your wicket away in the most bizarre fashion? When you were on 97! Arghh..but you'll learn and you were trying to get the score board ticking, so I don't hold it against you. Kohli and Yuvi you guys rocked too! But the captian, MS, you played a captain's knock and I have so much respect for your composure and sincerity of purpose. But I don't think you should have gotten the Man of the match, Gambhir deserved it. He laid the ground work. He deserved it.

I am not one of those people who will sit and say that Pakistan is a great team after we beat their asses or SL was the better team or some such crap. My team is India and no matter who the opponent, they are the opponent and I will commend my team and my boys. So if you come here and tell me to have sportsman spirit et all..please go elsewhere. Or if you come and tell me these matches were fixed, I refuse to listen to such cynics. My team won fair and square, unless PROVEN otherwise.

The best part of the match was the dedication to Sachin! Every single member of the team dedicated the cup to Sachin! Aren't these boys cute? I cried with them when they carried the little master on their shoulders. I cannot think of another sports person who has a greater fan following, who is revered in all age groups.

These matches gave me great opportunity to hang out with my neighbors. A and P are the most thoughtful people I know. And such a hoot hanging out with crazy cricket lovers. Oodles of chai and samosas have been hanging around my ever expanding waist line. But totally worth it! Totally worth every single joule of energy spent. I didn't mind even one day waking up @ 4 to catch the matches. G was such a great partner. He would never stop me from going when I wanted or ignoring everything and everyone while I stayed glued to the screen. My kids are of course the bestest ever! You will learn some day soon that when it comes to cricket, your Mom can go crazy.