Monday, July 28, 2008

Oh so that's James?

This past weekend, my company organised a summit meeting for all the pharmacists, here in Dallas. Now let me tell you something about my company and my job.

I work at the Home Office of a retail pharmacy chain, and I am a software developer whose job duties includes help desk for our pharmacies. The stores we have are spread all over Tx from Lubbock to Corpus Christi. So I speak to the pharmacists and techs all the time, but have never seen 90% of them. We had all formed images in our heads based on the voices.

Ok, so last Saturday, all the pharmacists came to DFW for the summit. I was very excited to be able to meet these people now.

Here is a picture which sums up my joy in meeting the one person I really really wanted to meet and had never met though she's only in Waco. I am really glad we had a chance to meet and there were a tonne of other people I met. Should I say this I wonder, oh well...Almost no one was the way I had imagined them to be :D Not in a bad way or anything, but just different. And I have heard similar things said about me :)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Jerome Seinfeld

So on Saturday, 19th July (this is for my own reference) , we went to laugh at and with Seinfeld . On the wednesday of that week, Gourav told me about Seinfeld coming and thus started a frantic search for the best tickets. It was a tad bit expensive, but oh-so-worth-it :)

So we reached well in advance, anticipating traffic problems. We had really good seats (center). Promptly at 7, the opening act started. It was some guy who's fairly popular, but we had never heard of him. He was really funny! For the life of me, I cannot remember any of his jokes, but they were good.

And then came the man himself, he got a standing ovation. It was rather impressive the way he joked about Dallas and the North Tollway, making us feel like he loved our city as much as we did. Oh and the 'heat'. He didn't do the 'What's the deal with...' routine, which was cool. He did do 'Hello Newman' and pointed out some of the funniest things about everyday things. Like *69, blackberry, the cellphone is now superior than face to face conversations and such. He's one helluva guy. The QnA section was funny too, with people asking him 'do you miss george' and his response 'naeh, it's hard to miss fictional people'.

So happy that we got to see Seinfeld. I feel like I've seen one legend in this lifetime atleast. :)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

These are a few of my favorite things:

In no particular order :

Maggie Noodles
Pride and Prejudice
Mcvitties Digestives
Thai food
Reading blogs
Malai Kofta
Lil kids
Listening to and watching the rain drop
Grey's Anatomy
Big Bang Theory
Dumb charades
Name, place, animal, thing :D :) :)
My faded blue shorts.
Reading old mail

I noticed how much food is there in my list. hmmmm.