Monday, July 28, 2008

Oh so that's James?

This past weekend, my company organised a summit meeting for all the pharmacists, here in Dallas. Now let me tell you something about my company and my job.

I work at the Home Office of a retail pharmacy chain, and I am a software developer whose job duties includes help desk for our pharmacies. The stores we have are spread all over Tx from Lubbock to Corpus Christi. So I speak to the pharmacists and techs all the time, but have never seen 90% of them. We had all formed images in our heads based on the voices.

Ok, so last Saturday, all the pharmacists came to DFW for the summit. I was very excited to be able to meet these people now.

Here is a picture which sums up my joy in meeting the one person I really really wanted to meet and had never met though she's only in Waco. I am really glad we had a chance to meet and there were a tonne of other people I met. Should I say this I wonder, oh well...Almost no one was the way I had imagined them to be :D Not in a bad way or anything, but just different. And I have heard similar things said about me :)

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  1. Very cute picture ! It looks like you are meeting an old friend!