Friday, September 16, 2011

Romance is in the air

No..not what you are thinking. I am talking about the books I have been reading. Yeah..duh! That other kind of romance is always in the air ;)

So well..lately I only want to read romance novels and mind you no period romances, those I hate with a vengeance. It's hard for me to image those Victorian Greek lords and damsels in distresses. It just seems like a world that didn't really exist, except for in books.
So my cuppa tea is - contemporary romance. I prefer that so much more, in a modern setting, with references to stuff I am familiar with. Here's my not-so-long list:
1. I loved Julie James, I have now read all her published work:

- A lot like love
- Something about you
- Practice makes perfect
- Just the sexiest man alive

2. Susan Mallery - I have read 3 of her books and I am convinced she is a good romance writer.
- Finding perfect
- Tempting
-Chasing perfect.

I also like contemporary Indian writers. I really like books about Immigrants and their kids. Which is why Jhumpa Lahiri is a favorite. I really like Amulya Malladi. Recently read 'Season of mangoes' and I thought it was well written.

Are there any contemporary fiction authors you like?