Monday, October 26, 2009

Foodie talk

I was reading a blog and I just took up a tag.
So one has to basically list five memorable meals ever eaten: It could be anything that makes the meal memorable – the food, the place, the place you were in your life when you ate, the company, the weather, the ambiance – heck, the guy who served the food!”.

So, the oldest and fondest food memory has to be from home. Right? So it is of my mom making poha and halwa for Sunday breakfast. I just loved loved it and I could eat boat loads of it. We would sit on the carpet infront of the TV and eat watching Ramayan/Mahabharat and then we would all happily take a nap.

Once, my parents had gone out of the city and we were staying with family friends. The Auntie was known to make funny combination of food. Now she knew I loved Pumpkin Sabzee. So she made dal, rice and pumpkin sabzee. I had never had this combination..but to this day, I am smitten. I absolutely LOVE it and every time I or Mom make it we think of Auntie and smile :) I even remember that we were sitting on their terrace and having lunch. it was just so special and sweet :)

Next is a memory of the times I spent in Jabalpur, food being a major thing with most of us :D Shalu and I would go to this restaurant called 'Traffic Jam' and we would do TP over cold coffee with ice cream. That used to be fun. And also the cutlets @ 'Indian Coffee House'. ummmm :D And how can I forget the bread-omelet Rahul and Rajat made me eat @ Itarsi enroute to Bhopal. That was just awesome, none of us slept that night, we just talked our way into the morning :)

And then I landed in the US. So many food memories with UTA and Arlington. I think the most prominent ones are the loads of chai we would drink so we wouldn't fall asleep and instead study. There was always a 'discussion' as to who the chai maker would be, Mudi would never make it but he made the best tea, followed by Sameer. While the tea lasted the gossip session would last and many a times, we would all go to sleep right after having the tea . hahaha. The other is the very elaborate Dinner my roomies and friends would have. We would have cooking turns and if we had enough time, we'd make some nice stuff for dinner (nice = chole/rajma or sauj's gujju delicacies). We would all gather, Anurag was mostly there, he would get his own food unless it was something special, and we would all sit on the floor on newspapers and eat and talk and just be happy. Of course we had to watch a movie after that, so we'd all catch a little bit of a movie, i would take some shut eye during the movie and then rush off to the lab or in my room to study :)

How can I not have a memory of my non-bawarchi hubby :D So G doesn't cook much, but one thing he does do very well is make Omelet. So Saturday mornings are G's mornings to make us a super big Omelet and cold coffee and we'll sit and watch a movie and gorge on the eggy delight. It's super cool coz it reminds me of home, since i'll push the plate aside and take a little nap after the sumptuous breakfast :)

There are many when Mom would start preparing the festival delicacies, we would wait around the kitchen wishing her to get the first batch out so we could taste some, Mom asking us to make Chinese for her, coz she loves it and loves it when we make it for her. Fighting with Dad on how much sugar there should be in halwa, there is no one who makes better halwa than him, absolutely no one. Making chai for V Uncle and sitting around to get compliments from him :) The first time I cooked for G, the first time he made many more firsts and so many more memories to make :)

O, this was a fun fun tag! Anyone who wants to should take it up. Anu Russell you are definitely tagged and Akansha. Coz I know both of you are foodies and it'll be nice to know your food memories.

This has made me so hungry, time for some tapioca pudding :D

Monday, October 05, 2009

He n I n them

So G n I are not 2 peas in a pod, as my romantic brain would like to believe ;) Well not really, we'd get sick of each other and all that..

So here's why:
G doesn't like to keep the back door open, he thinks it's an invite to the reptile and insect world (which it is, during twilight only)!. Then we live in the airport zone, so there is some disturbance coz of the flying beasts (which it is, but can't you talk over the planes or wait a few seconds and talk?).
He doesn't like to sit in the patio and drink chai or have breakfast coz of the planes.
Well, he doesn't like chai!
He doesn't like the rain or getting wet in it. (Why else does it rain??)

And then there are things we both like to do:
Not go shopping.
Go to a cafe.
Go to Barnes and Noble.
Read books.
Watch TV
Play Guitar Hero.
Harry Potter!

So here's what I am getting at. I cannot wait for my babies to come and over power Gourav. (hehehe). I will make them love the rain and stand outside with me and dance in it, have breakfast and morning milk outside and keep the door open. We will all go swimming (of course G says, their Mom is not a swimmer, but i can flip around), watch movies, read, play and finally go to Universal Studios Harry Potter park and get lost!!!!!!

O When will they be 1.5?