Monday, October 05, 2009

He n I n them

So G n I are not 2 peas in a pod, as my romantic brain would like to believe ;) Well not really, we'd get sick of each other and all that..

So here's why:
G doesn't like to keep the back door open, he thinks it's an invite to the reptile and insect world (which it is, during twilight only)!. Then we live in the airport zone, so there is some disturbance coz of the flying beasts (which it is, but can't you talk over the planes or wait a few seconds and talk?).
He doesn't like to sit in the patio and drink chai or have breakfast coz of the planes.
Well, he doesn't like chai!
He doesn't like the rain or getting wet in it. (Why else does it rain??)

And then there are things we both like to do:
Not go shopping.
Go to a cafe.
Go to Barnes and Noble.
Read books.
Watch TV
Play Guitar Hero.
Harry Potter!

So here's what I am getting at. I cannot wait for my babies to come and over power Gourav. (hehehe). I will make them love the rain and stand outside with me and dance in it, have breakfast and morning milk outside and keep the door open. We will all go swimming (of course G says, their Mom is not a swimmer, but i can flip around), watch movies, read, play and finally go to Universal Studios Harry Potter park and get lost!!!!!!

O When will they be 1.5?


  1. Oh, how sad to see you scheming and plotting against your beloved. :-( Ganging up on a beloved is heartless, especially using the beloved's own offspring!

  2. :P
    he has plans of his own as well. Though i am more devilish . haha

  3. hehehhee...that was funny!!!

    I am with G about not having hte doors open!!! :) Hate them insects! I can see where he comes from.

  4. Rajat1:01 PM

    i can see the twins scheming against both of you...wait till the day there is a bug in your tea ;)

  5. @ Anu, I am tired at all the things you and G agree on, starting with Abhishek Bachchan and going on to this :D

    @ Rajat :P Boo!!! Knowing they'll have G and my genes, anything is possible :D