Thursday, November 30, 2006

Ice ice baby

it's white outside...the trees are covered in snow, the grass is white with a hint of green here and there...there is snow on the stairs, the car is covered in a white layer(this will give me lots of trouble tomorrow morning!!)...
so this was the first snow of the season in Dallas, and was it beautiful! it was just the most amazing thing to watch the snow flurry, to take a walk in the coldest wind and wear sweater and jacket and socks and muffler and remember to go out wearing shoes and not slippers, else the socks will get wet! it was one of the most exhilarating experiences for me, one that i crave for each winter...
pots of coffee and hot chocolate and soup and lying curled up watching movies or reading a just peep outside every few minutes to check to see if another flurry has started and then take a random walk in the snow again and feel the wind on your face and the snow on my's the most beautiful sight and feeling!

i want the snow to come back once more...for i've not had my full yet!


  1. snow-ain't-that-white-anymore6:03 PM

    one good idea for snow junkies: peeing in the snow!!! i wonder wud one freeze if u pee out in the open snow...with a solid stream of pee connecting u to the ground...hmm...interesting.

    time for a joke:

  2. ugggggghhhhhhhhh....LOL...pretty funny!!!!
    and the joke site doesnt work!

    thanks rajat for reading every silly blog i write!

    it's Mavs vs. Lakers tonite..whose side are u on?

  3. rajat7:09 PM

    hate to say it...mavs it will be; odom is out too - not that it wud have made a difference...but makes a good excuse!!!

    btw i don't know the guy who wrote that comment above - don't even know if it is a guy

  4. lol!!! Megha you should move to Kansas...snow is fun only for a can be the biggest pain in the ass if you had to see it three months in a is not pretty then :)