Sunday, December 03, 2006

what is wrong with these people? cant put a bat to a ball? cant throw a ball? the whole team sucks and i have always been an avid fan of indian cricket, in the past whenever they have under performed (that's the term i use) i would still defend them (not that they needed defending). but i have reached a point where i am ready to give up on them and ask them to take a long break from the game. Be it an un-imaginative Sharad Pawar or a lack luster Ian Chappel or the injuries that plague the team or the omni present question of a fifth bowler or a strong pace attack...these are problems that team should take responsibility for and stop treating it as an excuse. I have defended them in the past 3 months, and they needed defending or so i thought, now i've reached the end of my end of the rope.

So i'll wait till the end of the test matches and if they do a good job, then i'll contiue to believe that something can happen the world cup...


  1. rajat5:53 PM

    nothing is gonna happen in the world cup...nothing is gonna happen for a long time

    till unqualified politcos run a private org like BCCI...nothing is gonna happen...that club thinks less about cricket than my grad school football team...only things they are concerned about are regionalism, political favors and the moolah they can rake in...and too save themselves from the disgrace...they keep giving guys like sehwag and sachin chances they do not deserve, let them do a plethora of ads and put the foreign face of Greg Chappel(even if he doesn't know anything about indian cricket...makes me wonder is he really respected down under).

    anyway, the point is that they shud make BCCI public and take out all the money they make and spend on other sports like tennis, hockey and even shooting...question is about opportunities - and every one deserves one except the unprofessionals indian cricketers!

  2. very well said Rajat and i agree, the money should probably be spent elsewhere! Indians have done a decent job at the Asian games and the athletes are not misguided when they criticize the amount of money and energy the nation wastes on cricket!