Friday, December 29, 2006

Difficult me!
You know how sometime you meet with someone on a daily basis and despite how nice they may be, you cannot seem to surpass a mental block about them, about some irascible habit of that person or just some peculiar you are saying "no it has never happened to me"...
i don't blame you, i am convinced i am a difficult person to be with, so all you people who have been friends with...kudos to you! i am not an easy going person, i tend to get very opinionated about people and then that feeling prevails for sometime till i get over my prejudices and decide it is time to shed the baggage. Or am i like this? i have lived with room-mates in the past and got along well with everyone...for the most time...

i do have a serious character flaw..i am convinced of that...but what i wonder is, am i not as an individual allowed to like a certain people with whom i gel and not the few who get on my's human isn't it? i have been told repeatedly by a lot people that i tend to take my feelings for a person a bit too far...and personally...well i would, wouldn't i? it's about me right? and my zone of comfort? if someone breaches that, i am bound to get that not true?

if i were a bird with a pen
and no one knew me, i would write a million line
but this name i have and this space, is a fine...


  1. rajat3:39 PM

    yeah u do drag ur feelings quite a bit; but then u are an emotional person (remember that guy who used to call u "emotionally unstable" not taking names)! the fact is u ain't gonna change urself; coz the bottomline is that u don't mind being urself - hence, the justification via the blog - so that the world agrees. well for all it is worth, i agree with u...u are emotional (and categorical...and judgemental...i started having fun wid this before i realised there was a word limit ;)) and that is ur flaw - but come-on, that is the best part about u too - and that is why we don't mind being around u. well for all the time i have spent acting ur shrink - if i were renumerated i wud be a millionaire by now - now that that wud be an incentive for knowing u for so long.

    as for ur problem with the nice person whom u hate so much; i think u shud take a flight with him/her - he/she will start hating u soon after u throw up on him/her.

  2. and have i told u how much i hate u sincerely? LOL..yeah u are right, I am probably trying to justify my being like this, he is like this, she is like that...that has been my problem and it's been a character flaw!!!

    and if i paid you each time i went cribbing to you...i would be below poverty line!
    and that "joke" about the flight...wait till i wring you neck! grrrr....