Thursday, July 13, 2006

Motion Sickness...

In the "about me" section I have written about my motion sickness problem...
So let me describe it...when I am traveling, it could really be any form of travel, like air, sea or even road - only closed means here though like cars, busses and such, not 2 wheelers!!...BTW...i love 2-wheelers like the kinetic honda and the scooters in India...motor bikes scare me US atleast..i always say a silent prayer whenever i see a motorist pass by me on the highways here...So back to my whenever i travel by air, the moment the aircraft experiences any turbulence which causes the plane to wobble and possible change in tummy begins to wobble too...i get a queasy feeling in my stomach, my head begins to hurt in the back...where the medula oblongata is (i dont know this...i am just using this one term from biology i really like ;)) but the back of my head starts to hurt and my tummy begins to prevent all this...i take perinom and such..but nothing helps...and i end up vomiting ...and all the content of my tummy will be in a bag...(very gross this sounds )...
so this time when i traveled...there was this couple (aged abt 30 years old)..sitting next to me in the a little bit the plane started to experience some turbulence and my situation got pathetic...i sat with a bag to my mouth and i kept puking everything out...i was in so much agony I cant describe it. Right then if someone saw how much misery I was one would find it funny...except for my fellow passengers then...they started to snigger and laugh at my condition...and I cannot say that they were juvenile teens who cud care less...but these were people, I expected mature enough, who I expected would if not sympathize atleast not poke fun at me.

If someone makes fun of this condition of mine I am completely fine with it...I also laugh it off...infact I have always done that...but not when I am in sooo much misery...not when I feel like the whole world is revolving around me, when all I want is stable land below my feet...I wasn't hurt or anything when they poked fun at me...I just was very angry that people are so careless...and I dont want their care either...but ignorance to the other's apathy wud be completely justified too ...


  1. rajat6:29 PM

    u shud have thrown up on them...then it wud have been funny

  2. prasun3:02 AM

    baap re...can't decide which was more pathetic...ur condition or their sense of humour

  3. They are stupid and mean and irritating...just like what our Kaps would have said it...

    I swear to god...I can understand what you are saying...I have motion sickness if I sit in the back of any car...period! I always land up getting gagged...requesting for the window to be pulled down...and then I am sick for the rest of the day...

    I hate airplanes but now I have learned to controll my tummy inside it...usually I start reading a book and try to ignore that the flight is taking off or landing...

    Also try not sitting at the window and it might help you convince yourself that you are not flying...

  4. @ Rajat & @ Prasun
    hahaha....that was funny!

    @ Anu..
    Thanks for the tips girl!
    U knwo what even i cant sit @ the back of a wonders why...i think it's coz the back of the car is less stable than the front and so is more shaky...get my drift?
    I wil adhere to ur advice of taking aisle seats whenever i fly...i always go for those...coz restrooms are a few inches closer and I dont inconvenience anyone with my urge to visit it too often ;)

  5. I believe that the rear seat in a car is very uncomfy because of this:

    1) the fact that you are no more in control of wht is happening in front of you...meaning you do not have the pana-vision any more...
    2) because of which the cruel moment-of-inertia screws our bellys up because we keep moving with the car when it has actually taken a sharp turn or braked...and us poor souls with weak tummy's suffer!

  6. Preetha10:43 AM

    Megha B ur friend here is right..u shud have painted the oldies face..and still see if they were laughing..I completely understand ur situation coz im very much prone to motion sickness too..just had 1 experience few weeks back in charlotte..thank god i was with family only then.

  7. Preetha11:00 AM

    Megha..I completely understand your problem coz I have big time motion sickness too..

    Last time i flew back from the time i landed in Dallas I was so queasy that as soon as the seatbelt sign was off I was rushing to the restroom.

    The other passengers heading towards the exit were a lil surprised at this girl pushing them apart n heading back instead of out..

    Anyways ur friend here is right u shud have painted the oldies faces n seen if they were still giggling

  8. Jeremy10:13 PM

    Hmmmm... You said you tried not eating anything, and you still eject the contents of your tummy. But after 12 hours, what's left in there besides water? I've read that solid food digests faster than that. Do you have evidence that proves otherwise?

    Fun quotes:

    ...and all the content of my tummy will be in a bag...

    ...very gross this sounds...