Sunday, July 16, 2006

You can call me Meg...

I was having an interesting conversation with a friend a few days back...and he accused me of having "I wanna be American Syndrome" ...his ref. was my being comfortable with people referring to me as Meg and not Megha...

Let me be very frank here and explain a few things...I am a person who truly believes in "When in Rome be like Romans"...and this has nothing to do with wanting to fit in or being a part of the crowd...I only believe in this because I am in a land which is not mine, who's rules I didn't make and which I have adopted as my home for the time for the sake of the people who are it's righteous owners and inhabitants, I think it's only fair to follow their rules and I mind my ways a little so that "they" dont feel uncomfortable around me...

And one of these things is that, my collegues find it easier to call me "Meg" than "Megha"...and I dont object to it, coz it doesnt change my identity in any way..."what's in a name".

I think if i really fit the bill of a "wanna be" American, I would prefer American ideology to e'thing else...and I dont do that....


  1. people call me Anna all the time and I don't care to correct them...And you should hear them murder my last nowadays I just let them call me Anu or Anna...Does not make a difference as long as I know they are calling me!

    Go Meg!

  2. Yo Meg, waddup?
    Hello Megha, kya haal hain?

    same difference man!

    I wont even get into what my collegues call me; I better not.

  3. I completely agree with both of u! tell me pl?

  4. lol..
    noooooooooooooO, I wont't *shrug*