Sunday, September 10, 2006

Fear of Flying Objects

On 31st July, I was on my way back from work and I was on Interstate-30, going home to my sister's I-30 has always been the most hated interstate for me, I dont like that highway for it doesnt have a shoulder on either side and this really scares me, as I have come to know a lot of other people as well!

So well it was around 3:30 in the afternoon and I was happy that I was going to get some time to spend @ home with my Dad...this truck on my right lane was going at the average speed and I was fairly behind it...and i noticed that it had some wood sheets in it, which weren't secured very tight...and i was beginning to think "what if one flew..."...and just then it of the sheets started to shake really hard and then it off flying and started drifting towards my car...there were cars behind me and besides me, there was no way I could change lanes...and couldn't slow down either...and before i knew it, the damn sheet hit my car on the right side vew mirror and scrapped the body as well...the thud was very loud and I was very glad for the tough body a corolla has, for the car kept going on smoothly...but the truck drive noticed this happening and very conveniently and covertly took the next exit out of the highway....i was too shocked and angry to respond to this, so neither did i get his license plate number nor did i follow him...the damage to the car is estimated @ 1600...and since i say estimated u very well know that I haven't yet gotten it fixed (queen of procrastination ;) )

so what ensues now is this infinite fear of miscreant flying objects on the road for me. Any little flying object I see, like a busted tire casing, a plastic bad, a rock, a pebble anything, I pray to God it doesn't come hit me...this fear is so bad that once I saw a plastic bag floating in the air on the highway, and it was right in my path, i quickly moved to another lane, to avoid it, for the image that came to me was, it getting stuck on the wind screen and blinding my vision of the road.

Maybe this fear is irrational, maybe I hallucinate the worst, but it's here to stay for a little bit for sure...I am scared beyond imagination of the things I see floating on the day I hope to get over this and drive fearlessly...


  1. is very practical to have this fear...Giri almost had a major crash because some idiot let a huge log of wood roll out of his pick-up and Girish's car had to roll over it and something major and all we have to be wary of irresponsible fools on road :(

  2. rajat1:44 AM

    i hear u pal...take it easy on the road...u'll be fine