Wednesday, August 09, 2006

My Wedding!!!

My family and my Husband's family planned a wedding in 5 days!!!!!
Yes and it was complete with Priest, Wedding clothes, guest lists, reception, flowers, food, music and everything one can think of and one cant.

On 31st July, 2006, our parents decided that Gourav and I should be joined in holy wedlock...on Sunday, 6th August!!!!! yes, 5 days we had to plan and do everything! And Gourav had ot fly to Kansas City on 1st for he had some prior commitments, which he couldn't get out of!

So for the next 4 days, my Dad and me, looked for a temple, a priest, my jewelry, his jewelry, caterer, reception hall (this was solely Gourav's fort), guest list, accommodation for guests flying from outside...every thing was planned, my mom , cousins and gourav's family chipped in with all their help and support!

On sat, 5th of August, my sister and BiL came back from London, where they had been vacationing, my Mom flew down from Nigeria and then mayhem broke loose!!! Literally...we have this ceremony where turmeric powder is smeared on my hands, legs and face so i look beautiful and radiant...:) that was done...then my mom's side of the family is supposed to congratulate us for the wedding, and this is done by giving us all gifts, so this was done. then it was time to get ready for an engagement ceremony....where in gourav's parents and him would come to our house and he and i would exchange rings...Meanwhile...2 of my cousins from California and 1 of my Dad's friends flew down from Atlanta...Now it looked super festive!

Later that evening, mehndi (henna) was put on my hands and feet by my cousin and friends, it looks really pretty even now! I really dislike henna...i dont lk the smell or the look of it on my hands...and this is the first time i actually got it done....but it is actually quiet pretty (i hate to admit this)!!!

we danced a wee bit on sat...then came sunday...we woke up at 6 so that we could all get ready there were some 15 people who had to use 3 bathrooms!!!! the wedding ceremony was for 10 am and we did manage to reach there on first we had the ceremony, where in my co-workers, Chad (my boss), Jeff (VP of IT) and Jeremy and Naren my colleagues came to attend the wedding, along with my bestest friends Anu, Sameer, Shahid, Rama, Giri, Preetha, was a delight to see them all...and Gourav's friends too! I had to wear this super heavy Garland, and then another saree was drapped around me apart from the already HEAVY outfit i was wearing! I think I would have fainted, had the garland not been removed!!!!

Then after getting blessings from the Gods in the temple, we went for the reception, this was at the "Marriott Solana"'s a very beautiful hotel built far from the city. This was something else completely, my friends Sameer and Anu along with my dad and mom in-law had made sure that the cake was beautiful and delicious, the banquet hall was decked up in flowers and beautiful napkins and was breath here we went around meeting friends and family and then some of my friends and Sister toasted was wonderful to know that so many people thought so fondly of me! Then Gourav and I cut the cake and the lunch was served...the bestest part was Sameer's band Masum, sings this song I love, "tumhari yadein (your memories)"...I luckily had a CD for the music in my car, which Sam got and then he sang the song for me....i was ecstasic! and then Gourav and I danced to some other music...and the magical evening drew to a was heart rendering to watch my parents and family leave...but this was the beginning of a new life for us...a new chapter was to begin and it had been heralded with all my loved ones with me.

People I missed:
1. Anurag and Saujanya (my support system for the last 2.5 years)
2. Rajat Maru (he was my brick in under grad years)
3. Ritu and Sumit (my childhood bum-chums)
4. All my family in India...this brings tears to me...

And ofcouse Gourav's Brother and Sis in Law...


  1. Rajat "The Brick" Maru1:37 PM

    congratulations once again...hated myself for missing out on all the fun...will make it up to u sometime.
    and hey, good luck on this new journey...wish u loads of happiness!

    p.s.: don't watch stupid movies like "shaadi karke phas gaya yaar"...i dunno why i said that...seemed funny in my bird-brain!!

  2. rajat, thank u, and u defi owe me big time for not attending my wedding! missed u...

    and that "shaadi karke..." is the weirdest comment ;)

  3. i notice! with anger! and a little sadness! that i do not figure in your bestest friend's list!

  4. anu-
    i said all my bestest frnds were there for my wedding (this incl. u) and the ones i missed had mention in the end!!! (u aren't in that list)

    u are funny!

  5. Anonymous9:31 AM

    hey i missed u oo- wish i so badly wish i cud b there for the so awaited wedding.
    Hope to have a blast wen u touch base at india

  6. @ anu..
    let all this be there na...for our silliness' sake!

    @ sumit..
    sumit, u are one of my oldest and bestest friend...imagine u not not being there! but we'll have a blast when we meet..for sure!